Style Sense PreCure
スタイル センス プリキュア
Sutairu Sensu Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunMarch 5 2025
Opening SongAll Over! PreCure!
Ending SongFashion Boutique(Ep 1-10)

Ribbon Niji (Ep 11-48)

Series Info
PredecessorStardust PreCure
SuccessorRhythm! PreCure

Style Sense PreCure (スタイル センス プリキュア Sutairu Sensu Purikyua),officially Style⭐️Sense PreCure, is the fourteenth series to CureJade2910's PreCure.


Style Sense PreCure Episodes

Boutique Land is the land of Fashion. Every outfit is kept. Sasu is King of Needle Kingdom. He is large rivals and hates light and the fact fashion exists. He soon come to Boutique Land and rips the Fashion Book's pages causing all fashion in the land to be gone! There are only a few pages left but those pages are no fashionable outfits. Those pages were forms of PreCure!



Myōjō Yuragi/Cure Cutie

Yuragi is leader of the team. She is cheerful and likes girly clothes. She owns expensive handbags and doesn't buy snacks much because she likes to save up for pink and girly clothes. Her ego is Cure Cutie and she represents Girly Fashion.

Gōsha Lola/Cure Lolita

Lola is the second member. She is a calm and likes gothic clothes. She likes horror movies and her father passed away when she was two. Her ego is Cure Lolita and she represents Gothic Fashion.

Kurashi Kenkō/Cure Active

Kenkō is the third member. She likes to do sports and likes to wear more sporty clothes. She feels sorry for Lola because of her father. Her ego is Cure Active and she represents Sporty Fashion.

Sawayakana Sōsōshī/Cure Wild

Sōsōshī (or called Soshi) is the fourth member. She is very wild and is similar to Yuragi. She likes loud music. Her ego is Cure Wild and she represents Wild Fashion.

Iroke Yutaka/Cure Fab

Yutaka is the final member. She is very mysterious and isn't known much. She is actually the Queen of Boutique Kingdom. Her ego is Cure Fab and she represents Glam Fashion.



The only mascot sent down to Earth with Yutaka.



Main villain of series. He is huge rivals with Yutaka.


First commander to appear.


The only other commander to appear.


Monsters used in series.


Fashion Band

A headband used as the transformation devices. To transform the cures need to say "PreCure! Boutique Beauty!"

Fashion Book

The main item of the series. Sasu ripped out almost all the pages.

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