Step to a New Future (新しい未来へのステップ Atarashī mirai e no suteppu?) is the second ending, replacing The Brand New Me, of the fan series Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure. It is also the ending to Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Ashita no Tomodachi.


All four girls are walking to school in different directions until they bump into each other. They start to laugh, but realize they are late. The mascots watch from behind, shaking heads at each other.

Cherry starts greeting everyone while the others begin to arrive in their classrooms. She runs to Daisy and Sunny and hugs them, with the mascots nodding heads at each other.

The scene changes to the girls, now as Cures, dancing on the same platform as in the previous ending, but it is performed with the mascots waving Miracle Lights. The girls take out their Mirage Batons and pose as if they were going to attack, and the ending is finished.


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Ending Characters (Order of Appearance)

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