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Starlight Sticks

Starlight Stick (星明りスティック Hoshiakari Sutikku?) is one of the items which is featured in the season, Rainbow! Pretty Cure.


It first appears as a power up, in episode 29. Where the Cures recieve it because of them not having powers to defeat the evil people. It could be in the colors of Red, Yellow/Orange, blue and has in the top, a star with circles around it.


  • Akane Akari/Cure Red - Cure Red's Starlilght Stick has the red color, it lets her do attack.
  • Tachibana Chou/Cure Orange - Cure Orange's Starlight Stick has the yellow color, she has the same Starlight Stick as Cure Yellow.
  • Kise Maemi/Cure Yellow - Cure Yellow's Starlight Stick has the yellow color, she uses the same as Cure Orange's Starlight Stick.
  • Mizu Aoi/Cure Blue - Cure Blue's Starlight Stick has the blue color, it lets her do attack.

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