StarTouch Pretty Cure! (スタータッチプリキュア! Sutātacchi PuriKyua!?) is Starmix03's series. It replaces Ninja Pretty Cure! in it's initial timeslot. The motif is ice skating and cosmic.


The Cosmic Kingdom. A place of shooting stars, planets, and ice skating. Everyone is trained to become a StarToucher, a warrior who saves Cosmic Kingdom. Unfortunately, none of them succeed and once again, the kingdom is invaded by DarkCatch Kingdom. Like usual, an amateur StarToucher went down to Earth and find Pretty Cure.


Pretty Cures

Ryusei Madoka/Cure Meteor (流星 まどか/キュアメテオー Ryūsei Madoka/Kyua Meteō?)

Madoka wanted to be an ice skater, and replace her mother since she was a famous ice skater before her death. Madoka's father is an astrologist. She usually makes tons of wishes everyday, and somehow most of them came true. Her alter ego is Cure Meteor (キュアメテオー Kyua Meteō?) and her theme color is hot pink.

More Coming Soon

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