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Spy Pretty Cure!
Supai Purikyua!
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 2019-January 2020
Opening SongAccelerate! Spy Pretty Cure!
Ending SongT.E.A.M. (episode 1-23)
Spy Charge! (episode 24-50)
Series Info
PredecessorElectronic Dance! Pretty Cure

Spy Pretty Cure! (スパイプリキュア! Supai Purikyua!?) is Starmix03's 9th fanseries originally written in 2013. Its motif is about spies, science (mainly chemistry and physics), and technology. This series is revived and rewritten in 2016.


The Spy Pretty Cures are the talk of the town! They are Protogen City's saviors. Although there are only two of them, they are very well-known. Meanwhile, a genius girl with an unbelievable IQ of 300 who just moved to the city named Hirose Maki found out about the Spy Pretty Cures and she still doesn't believe about it. She thinks that it's only a "real life film".


Pretty Cures

Hirose Maki (広瀬真希 Hirose Maki?) / Cure Velocity (キュアヴェロシティ Kyua Veroshiti?)
Maki is a naturally intelligent 14 year old girl who moved to Protogen City for a better lifestyle. She is an introverted girl who rarely smiles. When she heard about the Spy Pretty Cures, she instantly decided to become one. Maki has an IQ of 300. Due to her bright intelligence and perfect health, her previous school also recommended her to move to the Momentum Secret Agent Academy, a secret agent school. As a Pretty Cure, her Cure form is Cure Velocity.

Koizumi Nobuko (小泉信子 Koizumi Nobuko?) / Cure Atom (キュアアトム Kyua Atomu?)
Nobuko is 14 years old and one half of the Spy Pretty Cure duo before Maki moved. She cares about the city she lives in, as well as the citizens. Nobuko may not be the smartest, but she has a five year experience on practicing judo, which may explain why she is a good fighter. She also has a huge interest on chemistry, although her theories may not always work. As a Pretty Cure, her Cure form is Cure Atom.

Yorichika Kaoru (頼義薫 Yorichika Kaoru?) / Cure Gravity (キュアグラヴィティ Kyua Guraviti?)
Kaoru is also 14 years old and the other half of the Spy Pretty Cure duo. She and Nobuko are close friends since primary school. Kaoru may not be a good fighter, but she is the intelligent one of the duo. She is sometimes called "the mad genius" by others due to her 'nutty professor' attitude. Kaoru has a strong interest in physics and she wants to become an engineer. As a Pretty Cure, her Cure form is Cure Gravity.

Sakurai Tsubaki (桜井椿 Sakurai Tsubaki?) / Cure Bionic (キュアバイオニック Kyua Baionikku?)
Tsubaki is a 11 year old girl who appears halfway in the show. Growing up as an orphan, she used to live in the small rural area of Protogen City. She dreams to become a Spy Pretty Cure. To prove her intelligence, she built a robot which took her a year to program named Alpha-5000. The robot is her only friend, and she never goes to a proper school (homeschooling only) due to the lack of money. She miraculously got accepted to the Momentum Secret Agent Academy, along with Alpha-5000. As a Pretty Cure, her Cure form is Cure Bionic.

Alpha-5000 (アルファ-5000 Arufa-5000?) / Cure System (キュアシステム Kyua Shisutemu?)
A humanoid white robot created by Tsubaki when she was only 10 years old, Alpha-5000 is also Tsubaki's only friend. She is the only robot in the team. It took a year for Tsubaki to create her perfectly, using old and forgotten guidebooks she found on the streets. As a Pretty Cure, her Cure form is Cure System.

Robots (Mascots)

Instead of having fairies, this series has robots instead. Almost every student in the Headquarters Academy has one robot.

Main Robots

Beta-100 (ベータ-100 Bēta-100?)
Maki's robot. Beta is a sporty robot who can sometimes cause trouble with the other robots.

Markus-40 (マルクス-40 Marukusu-40?)
Nobuko's robot. Markus cares a lot of her partner. She sometimes gives wise advice to the other robots and the girls.

Z-9000 (ザック-9000 Zakku-9000?)
Z-9000 (or Zack-9000) is Kaoru's robot. Zack is a nerd and he is often seen with glasses. He loves to read about biographies and he is very sensitive.

Supporting Characters

Pretty Cure Headquarters

Kiritani Ai (桐谷愛 Kiritani Ai?)
One of the operators of the PCH, as well as the Pretty Cures' mentor. She is a 45-year old woman who is also an alumni of the Momentum Secret Agent Academy 30 years ago.

Kiritani Sho (桐谷翔 Kiritani Shõ?)
Ai's only son. He is a 14 year old boy who is one class with Maki, Nobuko, and Kaoru. He is very close to Nobuko and Kaoru.

Omoto Keiko (大本稽古 Õmoto Keiko?)
A 15 year old girl who has a part time job to operate the headquarters. She has a huge crush on Sho ever since they first met when they were 4 years old.

Other Robots

Gamma-1000 (ガンマ-1000 Ganma-1000?)
Gamma is the homeroom teacher's robot. Gamma like to hang out with Z-9000. He acts a lot like his master.

Iron XX (アイアン XX Aian XX?)
Iron XX is Maki's best friend's robot. Iron is a playful robot.

Mecha-50 (メカ-50 Meka-50?)
Mecha-50 is the librarian's robot.

Robo-710 (ロボ-710 Robo-710?)
Robo-710 is the school canteen's waitress. Maki and friends often visit her.



Toxic (トクシック Tokushikku?)
The leader of T.R.O.N. and a cyborg. Toxic has an artificial arm and a human face, although it is rarely shown.

Resistance (レジスタンス Rejisutansu?)
The first minion. Resistance is a tall robot who has a fully metallic body.

Orbit (オービット Ōbitto?)
The second minion. Orbit is an alien-like robot.

Nuclear (ニュークリア Nyūkuria?)
The third minion. Nuclear is the most humanoid-looking robot.


Pretty Cure Items

Momentum Spy Phone (モーメントスパイフォン Mōmento Supai Fon?)
A cellphone-like device used by Maki, Nobuko, and Kaoru to transform into Pretty Cures. The Momentum Spy Phone is only given to the qualified Spy Pretty Cures. To transform, the Cures must enter their Pretty Cure number and shout out "Pretty Cure, Spy Force Change!"

Spy Force Sword Gun (スパイフォースソードガン Supai Fōsu Sõdo Gan?)
Cure Velocity, Atom, and Gravity's main weapon. This is an interchangeable weapon that can takes form of a sword or a gun. The three of them can perform Triple Electron Beam when in Gun Mode and Electron Motor Slash when in Sword Mode.

Bionic System Changer (バイオニックシステムチェンジャー Baionikku Shisutemu Chenjā?)
A bracelet-like device used by Tsubaki and Alpha to transform into Pretty Cures. This device is also built by Tsubaki with some complex programming. It took her two years for her to build the Bionic System Changer. To transform, Tsubaki and Alpha must enter their 'secret number combination' and shout out "Pretty Cure, Program Change!"

Energy Arrow (エネルギアロー Enerugi Arõ?)
another bow and arrow-like device built by Tsubaki for her and Alpha to use as Cure Bionic and Cure System. To use the Energy Arrow, the two Cures must use solar power in order to activate it. The two of them can perform Energy Solar Circuit.

Momentum Gadgets

The Momentum Gadgets are miscellaneous gadgets used by every student in Momentum Secret Agent Academy. It is unknown who built them, but it may take shape of an animal or insect, an ordinary object, or food, and they have secret powers.

Momentum Gadget 001 - Spider (モーメントガジェット001ースパイダー Mõmento Gajetto 001 - Supaidā?)
The first Momentum Gadget every student must know about. The Spider is used to track down people's footsteps by having a secret scanner below the Spider's body.

Momentum Gadget 002 - Mosquito (モーメントガジェット002ーモスキート Mõmento Gajetto 002 - Mosukīto?)
A handy disguise gadget to spy on people by using a small hidden camera that no one can see. The result of the view can be viewed on the Momentum Spy Phones.

Momentum Gadget 003 - Pancakes (モーメントガジェット003ーパンケーキ Mõmento Gajetto 003 - Pankēki?)
Another handy disguise which has a shape of a small stack of pancakes. When you press the butter on top, a quarter of the pancakes will fly, just like a grappling hook.

Momentum Gadget 004 - Milkshake (モーメントガジェット004ーミルクシェーク Mõmento Gajetto 004 - Mirukushēku?)
This gadget takes form of a vanilla milkshake. When you split the bottom part, it will act as a container for any kind of evidence.


  • This series is a little different from other Pretty Cure series:
    • The people in Protogen know who the Pretty Cures are, just like in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!;
    • There are no mascots. Instead, there are robots;
    • The Cures don't really go to a normal Japanese school. Instead, they go to a school which specializes in a major/talent (just like Noble Academy from Go! Princess Pretty Cure and the Magic School from Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!). The school is also the headquarters for the Pretty Cures;
    • One of the Cures is fully a robot;
    • This is the one of series where the Cures use high-tech weapons;
    • And this is the only Pretty Cure series where the Cures do not fight to save a faraway kingdom.
  • All the Cures are good at academics
  • Although the main theme of this series is about spies, the Cures' names and villains are all based on science words.
  • This is the very first Pretty Cure series where the powers are science-based instead of the usual magic-based powers.

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