Spray PreCure
スプレー プリキュア
Supurē Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebuary 4 2022
Opening SongScents! Spray PreCure
Ending SongScents Everywhere(Ep 1-27)

Koari Kokoro (Ep 28-49)

Series Info
PredecessorStarlight! Night PreCure
SuccessorFlyaway PreCure

Spray PreCure(スプレー プリキュア Supurē Purikyua) is eleventh series to CureJade2910's PreCure.


Spray PreCure Episodes

The Scented Candles keep the Scent Kingdom safe and balanced. But Katachi steals them and turns them to Smoke Candles. It erases the happiness and good smells from the Kingdom and Katachi targets Earth to be the next one to erase the bad smells. So Queen Kaori sends two lights with Scent to Earth.



Shoyeido Kuzu/Cure Perfume

Kai is the leader of the duo. a cheerful and lively girl who loves flowers and perfume. She offers aromatherapy to her classmates at lunchtime, and frequently offers others a scent to ease their stress. Though she’s loud and a goofball, she truly does have everyone’s best interests at heart. Her ego is Cure Perfume.

Kāben Maiko/Cure Potpourri

Maiko is the second member of the duo. She has over a hundred rose bushes and her parents use them for medical research while Maiko uses them for making Potpourri. Her ego is Cure Potpourri.



The only mascot of the series. She causes a lot of fight with the Cures.



The main villain of the series.


The first villain. His powers are based on smoke.


The second villain to appear. Her powers are based on fire.


The monsters of the series.


Cure Fragrance Bottle

The transformation devices. To transform,they need to shout out "PreCure! Petal Spray!"

Petal Crystals

A small petal left from Kemuri. It can be used to refill the Cure Bottle. When it is put into the Bottle,it dissolves into a liquid.

Scented Candles