Sport Precure! (スポーツプリキュア!/Supōtsupurikyua) is one of cure48 fan series , the theme is about sport and human emotion.

Sport Precure!
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV 00
Episodes48 episodes
Opening SongFight!Sport Precure! ( episose 1-48)
Ending SongYay!Happy!Twinkle!Sport Precure! (Episode 1 - 48)
Series Info
PredecessorCake Sweet Precure!
SuccessorMARs Precure!


At the night a young girl named Yumehara Nagisa, meet a mysterious cat who can speak. and the next day, Nagisa meeet a monster named Feminine. That cat have a name , her name is " Kuro Neko " , Then kuro neko give Nagisa transfrom as cure kendo. Joined by cure badminton, cure basketball, and cure football they together save princess maria from Dunono.


Pretty Cure

Yumehara Nagisa- she is the main cure in this fan series,at her school she very good at sport especially kendo. She is kendo captain, at her school. Nagisa have a bestfriend named Suzuka Umi. Her ego is cure kendo.

Suzuka Umi- she is Nagisa bestfriend, she very good at Badminton. Her ego is cure badminton.

Kiriya Saki- she is basketball captain, she have a bestfriend named Aida Kana.

Aida Kana- she is the last member pretty cure, she very good at football. kana have a bestfriend named Kiriya Saki, Her ego is cure football

Kora Twon

Kuro Neko- he is the main mascot ofthis fan series, he is a human but he can transfrom into cat. He stay at Nagisa home, as human her name is Wanibuchi Keita. Her father already die after the story is begin.

Wanibuchi Haru- she is Keita mother, she very worried when keita go to human world for search pretty cure. She is the princess of kora town.

Minamino Daichi- he is Kita bestfriend, he also a human , he can transfrom into dog.

Feminine Town

Yaya- she is the first enemy appear.

Yuyu- she is Yaya twin sister and she is the second enemy appear

Alyona- she is the third enemy appear.

Riko- she is a tomboy girl, her hairstyle is like a boy. And she is the last enemy.

Feminine Queen- she is the queen of Feminine town.

Dunono- a monster from feminine town.


  • this is my first fan series with the theme is sport