Personal Information
Birthday Dateunknown
Eye Colorpurple (Luna; Butterfly)

red (Himawari; Sora; Comet; Light)

RelativesPretty Cure
Theme Colorpurple (Luna)

pink (Himawari)
white (Sora)
yellow (Comet)
red (Light) black(Butterfly)

Anime Information
SeasonMoonlight Flower Pretty Cure
SeasonMoonlight Flower Pretty Cure
First AppearanceMFPC30

Spirits (スピリット Supiritto) are litte, human-like fairies form Moonlight Flower Pretty Cure. They appear in episode 30. They have the same powers as Pretty Cure and allow them to transform into a upgraded version of their Cure egos.


Luna has short purple colored hair and wears a white robe with red roses on it. She wears a violet dress with some purple roses.
Himawari has pink short hair. She wears a pink angelic dress and has a pink angels halo.
Sora has white hair tied into two low twin tails and wears a crown made of flowers. She wears the same dress as Himawari just in white instead of pink. She also has a golden bracelet around her left foot.
Comet has long blond hair, which are tied into a huge ponytail hold up by a hairband with white flowers. She wears a white dress with a orange bow.
Light has wavy, red hair tied into a side ponytail. She has a white flower in her hair and wears a golden earring. She wears a red dress with some pink and red ribbons.
Butterfly has black hair tied into a ponytail, hold by a black ribbon. She wears a white dress with some black details and white gloves. On her back she has purple wings.


  • Every Spirit has red eyes, except for Luna and Butterfly. They have purple eyes.
  • Butterfly, seems to reflect Dark Moon's powers.
    • This maybe shows, that Dark Moon is actually also a Cure.



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