Personal Information
Birthday Dateunknown
Eye Colorpurple (Luna; Butterfly)

red (Himawari; Sora; Comet; Light)

RelativesPretty Cure
Theme Colorpurple (Luna)

pink (Himawari)
white (Sora)
yellow (Comet)
red (Light) black(Butterfly)

Anime Information
SeasonMoonlight Flower Pretty Cure
First AppearanceMFPC30

Spirits (スピリット Supiritto) are litte, human-like fairies form Moonlight Flower Pretty Cure. They appear in episode 30. They have the same powers as Pretty Cure and allow them to transform into a upgraded version of their Cure egos.


Luna has short purple colored hair and wears a white robe with red roses on it. She wears a violet dress with some purple roses.
Himawari has pink short hair. She wears a pink angelic dress and has a pink angels halo.
Sora has white hair tied into two low twin tails and wears a crown made of flowers. She wears the same dress as Himawari just in white instead of pink. She also has a golden bracelet around her left foot.
Comet has long blond hair, which are tied into a huge ponytail hold up by a hairband with white flowers. She wears a white dress with a orange bow.
Light has wavy, red hair tied into a side ponytail. She has a white flower in her hair and wears a golden earring. She wears a red dress with some pink and red ribbons.
Butterfly has black hair tied into a ponytail, hold by a black ribbon. She wears a white dress with some black details and white gloves. On her back she has purple wings.


  • Every Spirit has red eyes, except for Luna and Butterfly. They have purple eyes.
  • Butterfly, seems to reflect Dark Moon's powers.
    • This maybe shows, that Dark Moon is actually also a Cure.



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