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Supākuringutiara! Kyuarabu umarekawatta!
Princess Power Pretty Cure! episode 01
"Sparkling Tiara! Cure Love Reborn!"
Air date March 9th, 2015
Episode Guide
Opening (Finding it ^^')
Ending Princesses of Passion
Directed by DaisyandMangaForever
Written by DaisyandMangaForever

Sparkling Tiara! Cure Love Reborn! (スパークリングティアラ!キュアラブ生まれ変わった!Supākuringutiara! Kyuarabu umarekawatta!) is the first episode in Princess Power Pretty Cure!.

Major Events

  • Princess Emily, the biggest main character, is introduced.
  • Princess Emily becomes Cure Love for the first time.
  • Cream, the main mascot, is shown.
  • This marks the beginning of the Princess Power Pretty Cure! season.
  • The first villain, Zaria, is introduced.
  • Love Cyclone is performed for the first time.
  • The first Nikushimi is summoned.

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