Sparkling Shining Precure
 キラキラ 輝く プリキュア
 Kirakira Kagayaku Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorCureCake and Kasutera-P
NetworkTV Asahi
Opening SongThe Location of the Future
Ending SongTo the Extent of Our Emotions (Episodes 1-21)

Ganbalance de Dance (Episodes 22-45)

Series Info
PredecessorSugarplum Precure
 Sparkling Shining Precure (キラキラ 輝く プリキュア Kirakira Kagayaku Purikyua) is CureCake and Kasutera-P's second fanseries, following Sugarplum Pretty Cure



It's a disaster! Queen Moonlight is out to destroy the universe and only the eternal warriors of light and hope, Cure Nekomimi and Cure Fantail can save everyone!


Mimi Kurumi/Cure Nekomimi (ミミ るみ/キュア猫耳 Mimi Kurumi/Kyua Nekomimi): Mimi is very subdued and does not tend to fight much; despite being the pink cure, she is primarily defense; however, she has offensive abilities. She spends her time with Shironia reading yuri fanfiction and talking about silly things.

Shironia Tateyama/Cure Fantail (白にあ 館山/キュア ふぁんたいl Shironia Tateyama/Kyua Fuantairu): Shironia is the primary offense of the two, and despite being the blue cure, she's primarily offense; however, she has defensive abilities as well. She spends her time with Mimi talking about anime and yuri fanfic.




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