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NOTE:This page is through a "revamp" of layout. Please be patient and wait for this page to be completed.Thanks.

Sparkle! Diamond Pretty Cure
Supakuru! Daiyamondo Purikyua
General Information
StudioJade Studios
NetworkJade Network
Original RunOctober 12 2013
Opening SongKira Kira Diamond PreCure
Ending SongSparkling Happiness (Ep 1-17)

Hoshi no Kongouseki (Ep 18-49

Series Info
PredecessorMiroiter Pretty Cure!
SuccessorBreathing! Pretty Cure!

Sparkle! Diamond Pretty Cure ( スパークル!ダイヤモンドプリキュア Supakuru! Daiyamondo Purikyua) is the first series to CureJade2910's Series.


Please note that is a MAIN series of CureJade2910. Therefore please NO stealing any ideas off (large "chunks" of ideas)this series. This is a work that CureJade2910 cares for a lot and is watching to find anything copied off hers. Thanks.

A tiny extra

You have seen the above and that applies to all of my series. Common alter egos from this series (Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald, and not including Dioptase,Azurite and others) are completely fine of using. Thanks.


Sparkle! Diamond PreCure Episodes

The Diamond Land is in danger and there is not enough hope unless Pretty Cure, the light of hope, can help. If they can defeat King Dull, then the land would be safe. The Diamond Princesses lost their memory and were sent to Earth. If Tsukiyomi Nanami and her twin sister Nikora can find the rest of Pretty Cures, then they protect the Diamond Land.


Pretty Cures

The twenty one diamonds that will glow and erase the evil spirit in your heart, Sparkle! Diamond PreCure! , The Group's Phrase

Tsukiyomi Nanami (ツキヨミ ナナミ Tsukiyomi Nanami)

Nanami is the leader of the team and a famous idol. She has a twin sister,Nikora,who is most of the time besides. She hates to study but in order to pull off a "good girl" act,gets Nikora to do hers as Nikora,unlike Nanami,enjoys studying. She cares for her friends a lot so she'll give all of them tickets to her concerts. Things that seem "dangerous" to her,she will get the others to do the task. She hates doing chores (dishes,cleaning,...etc) and has a fondness for Salmon fish. She is later found out to be Queen Jade,ruler of the Diamond Kingdom. Her alter ego is Cure Jade (キュア ジェイド Kyua Jeidō). Her theme colour is Jade green.

Tsukiyomi Nikora (ツキヨミ ニコラ Tsukiyomi Nikora)

Nikora is Nanami's twin sister. She is quite the opposite of Nanami and is find of doing studies. She is an actress but she is more active in holidays. She is not fond of cake,much to Henkoi and Nanami's dismay and will accept to do your homework for you. She likes to write and has a fondness of dogs. She wears glasses and is sometimes told she's a geek which can cause her whine. Her alter ego is Cure Topaz (キュア トパッズ Kyua Toppazu),her theme colours being Aqua.

Sheriona Noelle (チェリオナ ノエイ Cheriona Noeri)

Noelle is the third member and a childhood member of Nanami and Nikora. She parted away from them at the age of 8. She likes drama and tells jokes that aren't funny;She has a bad sense of humour. She likes to play dance games and likes to design things. Noelle does Judo which causes her to be a bit more "superior" when it comes to fighting as a Pretty Cure.Her ego is Cure Emerald (キュア エメラrド Kyua Emerado).

Hinamori Amylia (ヒナモリ アミリア Hinamori Amiria)

Amylia is the fourth member. She is smart and studies a lot;always nagging Nanami to do her own homework. She wants to have a famous future and she will do anything for such a future. She likes to bring chemicals with her to do science when she's bored anywhere and doesn't always stick to rules,therefore she is a rebellious person at times. She likes cute things and a fan of Sailor Moon. Her ego is Cure Amethyst (キュア アメジスト Kyua Amejisuto). Her theme colour is Purple.

Kanrakugi Rei (カンラクグイ レイ Kanrakugui Rei)

Cure Ruby is a mysterious cure that appeared as a vision to the others . She is really a sweet person but has a hard and cold exterior that you would need to get through to meet the sweet side (she'd be "classified" as a tsundere). Many people and that includes adults consider her weird person;she has no friends. She has the power to predict what happens in future and was once a target to be used as a weapon once to control the future. Her ego is Cure Ruby (キュア ルビ Kyua Rubi),colour being Red.

NOTE: Credit goes to CureKanade for the name Kanrakugi Rei

Kagamiwa Michiru (カガミワ ミチル Kagamiwa Michiru)

Michiru is a spoilt 9 year old child that is the sixth member of the team. She is the Pretty Cure that takes Cure Topaz's place as a Pretty Cure in the future;Ichigo was meant to be found in her place as Ichigo was meant to be the sixth member. She is a Black Belt in Judo and has high respect for Rei often asking her to teach her in many things. Despite the fact she isn't as fond of the twins as the others,she cares for all of her team to be friends with each other(as shown in episode 29,where Michiru tries to stop the twins from fighting). Her ego is Cure Tanzanite (キュア タンザニト Kyua Tanzanitō),theme colour being Blue.

Kise Miami (キセ ミアミ Kise Miami)

Miami is a Guardian Pretty Cure and a human form of Penny. She was found very easily as a human Penny by Noelle and acts like how she is as a fairy. Her ego is Cure Peridot (キュア ペリイドっと Kyua Peridottō) and her colour is Yellow.

Zakuroishi Yuriko (ザクロイシ ユリコ Zakuroishi Yurikō)

Yuriko is the second Guardian Pretty Cure and is the Human form of Sparkle. For the rest of the team,it took a while for team to find out she was Sparkle. She has a very extraordinary fashion sense and likes cupcakes. Her ego is Cure Garnet (キュア がねっと Kyua Ganettō). Her colour is Scarlet.

Seigyoku Manami (セイギョク マナミ Seigyoku Manami)

Manami is actually Quartzina who has a change of heart. She chooses the name Manami and is an orphan until the early 30th episodes where Ichigo's parents decide to foster her. She has a large fondness for kittens and is often seen with Minako. Her ego is Cure Sapphire (キュア サファイイア Kyua Safaia) and her theme colour is Cyan.

Jonetsu Suteki(ジョネツ ステキ Jonetsu Suteki)

Suteki is a mysterious girl that acts cold and harsh to people at first(;considered the "other tsundere" of the series). She has a strong passion for sports and baking and will never give up on friends or her passions. She has a sweet tooth for cookies,which started her passion for baking. Her favourite sport is Tennis and appears to be good with handling children. Her ego is Cure Amber (キュア アンバ Kyua Anba). Her colour is Orange.

NOTE: Credits go to CureCoco for the name

Midoriyume Minako(ミドリユメ ミアンコ Midoriyume Minako)

Mina is one of the cures of the past generation. Some of her team were defeated leaving her alone,which was what she thought.She comes with Ore to help the current generation defeat King Dull. She is very strict but kind and can be turned to her scary side if someone plays tricks. Her ego is Cure Dioptase (キュア ヂアテジ Kyua Diateiji) Her theme colour is Green.

Aoikira Izumi(アオイキラ イズミ Aoikirā Izumī)

Izumi is also one of the cures of the past generation. Mina thought that she was alone but Izumi and some others were alive. She is a very good at swimming and likes to study but is usually studying with Rei. She can be an airhead and very easy to approach. It is revealed that she became a Pretty Cure at the age of 6 as she believed in them so much. Her ego is Cure Amazonite(キュア アマゾニト Kyua Amazonitō) and her theme colour is sky blue.

Himawari Akarui (ヒマワリ アカルイ Himawari Akarui)

Akarui is also part of the past generation. She is very silly and likes to cook pastries. It is found that Mina and Akarui are Frenemies which is what caused the past team to fail. However she progresses to be friends with Minako. She did a bake off against Suteki on cakes and eventually it became a lose however the "judge"(Sekai) makes it a tie. Her ego is Cure Sunstone (キュア サンストヌ Kyua Sansutonū),theme colour being sunset-like glowy orange.

Yorokobi Emiko (ヨロコビ エミコ Yorokobi Emiko)

Emiko is also part of the past generation and is a childhood friend of Akarui. She grew distant with her but reconciles. Like Izumi,she became a Pretty Cure at the age of 6 bit the reason for this is unknown. She likes to read romance stories and while simply light up a moody person's heart with a simple smile. There is often a sunny aura surrounding her. Her ego is Cure Citrine (キュア シトリノ Kyua Citorinō) and her theme colour is Yellow.

Showei Chiyaki(ショウェイ チヤキ Showei Chiyaki)

Chiyaki is another member of the previous generation. She appears to be a former Student Council President of Kongouseki Academy and is daughter of the Headmistress. She has a spoilt side and works as a waitress at a nearby cafē. She is found with a draw filled with money. She claims she is generous but in reality is a selfish teenager. After becoming a Pretty Cure again,she decides to donate most of the money to charity. Her ego is Cure Carnelian (キュア カッルネリアン Kyua Carrneriann) and her theme colour is orange.

Odoyaka Takami (オダヤカ タカミ Odayaka Takami)

Another past generation warrior. Takami appears to be one out of two of the only ones who first became a Pretty Cure at a normal age. A fashion model,she is the envy of many schools (not including Kongouseki) and has a very large home,but not a mansion. She is best friends with Henkoi and likes Suteki's cooking a lot. Her ego is Cure Opalite (キュア オパリト Kyua Oparitō). Her theme colour is Periwinkle.

Tsukiyomi Henkoi(ツキヨミ ヘンコイ Tsukiyomi Henkoi)

Henkoi is the leader of the past generation's Pretty Cure amd the mother of Nanami and Nikora. She had a twin sister known as Tsubasa who was also a Pretty Cure and a Guardian. She has the interests as Nanami and is Takami's best friend. Her ego is Cure Azurite (キュア アゾリト Kyua Azoritō) and the theme colour is ocean blue.

Ichigokaze Kaname(イチゴカゼ カンアメ Ichigokaze Kaname)

Kaname is a member that was meant to be found instead of Michiru but due to a minor hiccup she is found late. She uses the alias "Sorakaze Ichigo" to hide her identity as an idol. So everyone later finds out she is secretly an idol. She likes Strawberries and is great friends with Nanami. She poses as an advisor to Sekai and Michiru and is fond of stuffed animals. Her ego is Cure Rubellit (キュア ルベライト Kyua Ruberaito). Her theme colour is Pink.

Kagamiwa Akari(カガミワ アカリ Kagamiwa Akari)/Cure Morganite

Akari is the older sister of Michiru and the future Pretty Cure to take Kaname's place. She is kind and smart,In fact she is a complete opposite of her younger sister. She has a heart for soccer and on one side she is tomboyish. She becomes Cure Morganite (キュア モガニト Kyua Moganitō) and her theme colour is Peachy-pink.

Kinno Sekai(キンオ セカイ Kinno Sekai)

Sekai is the most youngest Pretty Cure in the series. She is about 6 and another future generation Pretty Cure (replacing Noelle). She is childish (as she is a child) and the second youngest in her family. She is always seen with Chiyaki as she is her cousin. She is often seen carry a sweet with her and never likes boredom. Her ego is Cure Clino (キュア クライノ Kyua Curaino). Her theme colour is gold.


Penny/Cure Peridot

A small penguin who adores Nanami and Nicola for their fortune . In Episode 5 She hoped Nanami and Nicola would help repair the Jewel Land And they promised that they would. She can become Cure Peridot and as her the theme color becomes yellow and she is one of the Diamond Land's guardians along with Sparkle (Cure Garnet). She is able to turn into a human named Miami.

Intro: The diamond with light of purity, Cure Peridot!

Attack: PreCure Peridot Sunshine

Upgraded Attack: PreCure Peridot Sunshine Glow

Sparkle/Cure Garnet

A little duckling that lives with Noelle and seems to end her sentences with sparu. She seems to act like a food rival with Nanami but Nanami doesn't care that she has a food rival . She can become Cure Garnet and alongside with Penny, she is one of the guardians. She can turn into a human named Yuriko.

Intro: The diamond with the flash of luck, Cure Garnet!

Attack: PreCure Garnet Stream

Upgraded Attack: PreCure Garnet Stream Swirl


Ore is a mascot from the same generation of Mina. He helped the previous generation defeat their enemies however they had failed and lost the ability to become PreCure as well as dying. Luckily Mina was still alive along with him. He is a periwinkle cat.

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