This is the episode list for the episodes of Sparkle! Diamond PreCure

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Sparkle! Diamond PreCure Starts Here! Faden
02 No Way ! PreCure Are Not Strong Enough? Faden
03 Amazing! We've Found Our Third Cure! Faden
04 Shocking! Our Fourth Can Form Illusions? Faden
05 Eh? That Girl Is The Fifth Cure? Faden
06 Our Sixth Cure has arrives but she's full of jealousy? Quarztina
07 Are We Breaking Up Already? Faden
08 Who's this small duckling? Quarztina
09 Shiny! The Light Of Purity Has Come Quarztina
10 Bad Problem! Where Did Sparkle Go? Quarztina
11 Here Comes Our Flash Of Luck! Faden
12 What! Their Our Guardians? Quartzina
13 Why Is Rei Refusing To Join Us? Faden
14 Finally! Rei Joins Us Moissanite
15 PreCure's New Power Moissanite
16 The Story Of Cure Ruby Faden
17 Adventure! Noelle and Rei's Field Trip Quartzina
18 Too Bad! The Twins Have Swapped Minds?! Moissanite
19 Nikora And Amylia's Test Of Courage! Faden
20 No No! Michiru is in trouble! Quartzina
21 Trouble! Our Enemies Are Getting More Powerful? Moissanite
22 Quartzina's Reflections Quartzina
23 A New Power For Us? Faden and Moissanite
24 How Do I Use This Stick Quartzina
25 Our Beautiful Destiny, Cure Sapphire Has Arrived! Quarztina
26 The Cure Of Brightness, Cure Amber Princess Zirconia
27 The Past meets the time now! Moissanite
28 Wait?! We've found someone we should have found earlier? Princess Zirconia
29 The Twins Fight! Faden
30 Diamond PreCure Big Concert Moissanite
31 Miami's Big Role Faden
32 The Wish To Be The Only Girl In Class Princess Zirconia
33 What's Happened To My Cure Dialet Faden
34 Nikora's Big Act Moissanite
35 Kaname's going to another school? Princess Zirconia
36 Will we ever meet again? Jasperli
37 New Friend. Is she good or evil?
38 Maeko lied to us? Maeko is actually evil!
39 SDPC39
40 SDPC40
41 SDPC41
42 SDPC42
43 SDPC43
44 SDPC44
45 SDPC45
46 SDPC46
47 SDPC47
48 SDPC48
49 SDPC49

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