Sparkle! Diamond PreCure: The Birthday Adventure In The Ocean Kingdom is the fan made movie of the series Sparkle! Diamond PreCure created by CureJade2910.


Tsukiyomi Nanami/Cure Jade

Tsukiyomi Nikora/Cure Topaz

Sheriona Noelle/Cure Emerald

Hinamori Amylia/Cure Amythst

Kanrakugi Rei/Cure Ruby

Kagamiwa Michiru/Cure Tanzanite

Penny/Miami/Cure Peridot

Sparkle/Yuriko/Cure Garnet

Seigyoku Manami/Cure Sapphire

Movie-Only Characters

Princess Coral

Queen Oceaina



The movie starts with Nanami and Nikora staring with with sparkling eyes around theirs parents private beach given to them for their birthday and then Noelle, Amylia, Rei , Michiru, Penny (as Miami) and Sparkle (as Yuriko) attempted to scare the twins but only Nikora got scared. Michiru then bets on Nanami on scaring her to dust. Nanami then accepts this challenge and runs to the ocean. Amylia was already in the sea. When Nanami had came into the sea she splashed all over her and Nanami was so angry she splashed Amylia back. Both of were starting a fight with water. The others started to laugh. A shadow had came near Amylia and Nanami . There was a Miratix standing there. All eight girls transformed into PreCure fought the Miratix . Unfortunately the Miratix kept on diving into the sea . Cure Peridot told them that diving into the sea in their PreCure form would weaken their powers. Suddenly Cure Jade thought that freezing the Sea would catch the Miratix. More coming soon

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