This is the transcript for Sparkle! Diamond PreCure:Movie 2: The Miracle Adventure Of The Sky Kingdom.


The Miracle Lights

Ore: Hello Everyone~ore!

Audience: Hello!

Ore: Well that's kinda weak~ore! Let's try again~ore! Hello EVERYONE~ore!

Audience: HELLO!

Ore: (covers ears) Okay,that's enough of the introductions~ore. Let's talk about this~ore!

Penny: (falls from ceiling) This is~penu...

Sparkle: (falls from ceiling) The Miracle Halo Light~sparu!

Ore: (turns around to look at Penny and Sparkle) Hey! You two aren't meant to be here yet~ore!

Penny: But...

Ore: I'm doing the introduction~ore!

Sparkle: The ceiling couldn't hold onto us for long~sparu...

Ore: Quiet~ore! This is the Miracle Halo Light~ore!

Penny: (walks up to Ore) You press the button on the side...and the Halo lights up~penu!

Sparkle: When PreCure are in pinch(shows the full team on top of each other then a little girl with a Miracle Light around neck)...Turn on the light and cheer for them~sparu

Penny: But if you don't have a Light,then cheer with your heart~penu!

Ore: But there are some rules~ore.

Penny: Don't hold the light too close to your eyes~penu

Sparkle: It'll blind you~sparu

Ore: Don't fling it around the air~ore It's distracting for others watching the movie and it could hurt someone~ore

Sparkle: And turning it into a rocket is absolutely forbidden~sparu!

Ore:(angry eyes) How is that even possible~ore?

Sparkle: It's just a joke~sparu

Penny: Anyway,

All mascots: Movie:Sparkle! Diamond PreCure The Miracle Adventure of the Sky Kingdom will start now!

The Book

Henkoi: Now then, this is the book of warriors. You can find out locations that no one else could know.

Nikora: It's really great!

-Opening Starts-

Noelle: We should read later.

Nikora: (tries to close book) Huh?

Nanami: Mother, It's not closing.

Amylia: Let me try (pushes the book cover down) There's something preventing it to close.

Michiru: Go to that page then!

-Amylia turns to the page where the book is prevented from closing-

Emiko: It's blank.

Penny: (turn into Miami) Let me reveal it. Sparkle.

Sparkle: (Turns into Yuriko and gets out a gold crayon)

Minako: You're going to draw the page?

Suteki: Wait...You're the past generation's warriors. You're meant to know about this.

Manami: Isn't that childish Penny?

Miami: I told you! Don't call me Penny when I'm in this form! It's Miami! Okay?

Yuriko: (Covers page with gold crayon markings) Done!

Akarui: Sparkle! I'm sorry, Yuriko!

Izumi: What have you done?

Takami: Don't worry about it Izumi. It's a way to unlock a page.

Rei: You need to unlock a page?

Chiyaki: Yeah. In the Diamond Land, Some books have secret pages.

Kaname: Can you lot stop with the chatter? We don't know this information because our memories were erased.


Miami&Yuriko: Unlock! Secret Page! Show us the secrets within you! (turn back into mascots)

Noelle: Are you okay?

Penny: Yeah! It's just that revealing pages are very tiring~penu

Sparkle: They use up a lot of energy~sparu

Henkoi: The page has unlocked!

Nikora: The Sky Kingdom?

Others: Huh?

Rei: What's the Sky Kingdom?

Michiru: Rei~sama? You don't know the Sky Kingdom?

Takami: The Sky Kingdom, is a realm in a unknown place.

Minako: It's ruler is Princess Serena.

Noelle: Did there have to PreCure summoned there?

Akarui: Technically,no.

Amylia: I don't understand.

Kaname: What is it?

Amylia: Why is it in the book of warriors if it has no warriors?

Chiyaki: Well, there is one that comes from the Diamond Land that is there.

Nanami: Really?

Chiyaki: Yep. But I don't know what she's called. Ask you're mother.

Nanami: Well Mother? Who is she?

Henkoi:(winks and quietly giggles) She's your aunt, Nanami.

Nikora: Aunt Tsubasa?

Manami: Wait? What?

Suteki: So basically...The PreCure in the Sky Kingdom is an aunt?

Henkoi: Yep!

Amylia: This started with the book not closing and there's a key.

???: Finally. I've found it.

Everyone else:(turns around to Sky)

Nanami:(looks up)Who are you? Reveal yourself!

???:(Falls onto ground) Oh,I'm sorry for ruining your ground. I'm Kage.

Rei:Kage? Are you a servant for King Dull?

Kage:King Dull? Never heard of him!

Kaname:What are you here for?

Kage: Nothing! I just want the key to the Sky Kingdom! I don't understand what's the point of a group of girls need it,so hand it over.

Penny&Sparkle:(turn into human forms) Huh?

Kage:So you refuse to hand it over? Fine then! I'll steal it! Miratix!


Kage:You're just ordinary girls! There's no point of you keeping it! So hand it over or I'll blast you all!

Miami:How dare you!

Yuriko:We're no ordinary girls!

Ore:That's right! They're no ordinary girls!

Rei:We should transform!

All Cures:PreCure! Celestial Sparkle!

-Transformation Occurs-

Nanami:The Diamond With The Wind Of Protection,Cure Jade!

Nikora:The Diamond With The Shine Of Truth,Cure Topaz!

Noelle:The Diamond With The Gate To Hope,Cure Emerald!

Amylia:The Diamond With The Power Healing, Cure Amethyst!

Rei:The Diamond With The Power Of Royalty,Cure Ruby!

Michiru:The Diamond Of Friendship,Cure Tanzanite!

Miami:The Diamond With The Light Of Purity,Cure Peridot!

Yuriko:The Diamond With Flash Of Luck,Cure Garnet!

Manami:The Diamond Of Destiny,Cure Sapphire!

Suteki:The Diamond With A Bright Light,Cure Amber!

Minako:The Diamond With The Wave Of Vivid Dreams,Cure Dioptaze!

Izumi:The Diamond Of Emotions,Cure Amazonite!

Akarui:The Diamond With A Gentle Glow,Cure Sunstone!

Emiko:The Diamond Of Joy,Cure Citrine!

Chiyaki:The Diamond With The Sun Of Courage,Cure Carnelian!

Takami:The Diamond With The Flower Of Peace,Cure Opalite!

Henkoi: The Diamond Of Elegant Beauty,Cure Azurite!

Kaname: The Diamond Of The Glowing Heart,Cure Rubillit!

All Cures:The Eighteen Diamonds With The Glow Will Erase The Evil Spirit,Sparkle! Diamond PreCure!

Kage: PreCure? Miratix, defeat 'em and take the key! I'm not going to let eighteen girl warriors with a key to a secret realm stop my mistress Akuma from destroying the land!

-The Girls Fight The Miratix While Kage Watches Them-

Amber:PreCure! Amber Chain Encircle! (Chains wrap around Miratix)

Azurite:Opalite! Carnelian! (The trio spins chain around)

Miratix:(becomes dizzy) Miratiiiii!

Jade:Everyone! Let's do it!

All Cures:PreCure! Crown Diamond Blizzard!

Miratix:(purified) Kira Kira!

Kage:Well! That was simple!

To The Sky Kingdom!

Nanami:What do you mean?

Kage:(Waves key) I've got the key! Now I will head off to Akuma and give the key to the Angelic Crown! (Vanishes)

Nikora:Mother,I thought that was the key to the Kingdom. What's the Angelic Crown?

Henkoi:The Angelic Crown is a crown that goes to a warrior who proves she is fit to be a Lady Royal to Princess Serena.

???:~tsuba! (Falls)

Nanami: Not again! (Creature falls onto Nanami) Mum!


Wing:Henkoi~tsuba! Everyone else is here!

Henkoi:Wing,this is my daughter,Nanami,and her twin sister,Nikora. And their friends.

Noelle:Henkoi. Who is this?

Wing:Oh sorry! (Jumps out of Henkoi's hands and onto table) I am Wing~tsuba! The cute fairy of the Sky Kingdom~tsuba!

Suteki:What are you here for?

Wing:I am here to take you the Sky Kingdom~tsuba!


Wing:Apparently,a evil mistress known as Akuma has manipulated Princess Serena~tsuba! Tsubasa sent me find Henkoi so the rest of PreCure could help. She also hoped the current could help as~tsuba!

Henkoi:My sister sent you?

Minako:Akuma? A man named Kage appeared and took a key.

Wing:One of Akuma's minions came here~tsuba? He took a key~tsuba? Which one~tsuba?

Chiyaki:He said a key to Angelic Crown.

Wing:The Angelic Crown~tsuba? That will put the Kingdom into danger~tsuba!

Rei:We want to help destroy Akuma! Please take us there!

Wing:Thank you~tsuba! (Looks up to sky) Clouds of the Sky Kingdom! Answer Me! Take me PreCure! To the Sky Kingdom! Take us quick! We must defeat Akuma~tsuba!

Meet Tsukiyomi Tsubasa!

-As the girls are teleported to the Sky Kingdom, Kage speaks to Akuma.-

Kage:Akuma,I've got the key!

Akuma(in shadow):Good! Now we shall....(Kage pauses him)

Kage:But,there is some interference.

Akuma:What! What interference?

Kage:Eighteen magical warriors known as PreCure. Which I believe are from the Diamond Land.

Akuma:The Diamond Land? Cure Angelite's birth place? Their ruler's Queen Jade,isn't it?

Kage:She's their leader.

Akuma:Perfect. I shall have two lands now. Then I will seek my revenge on that wrenched King Dull! And that Jasperli! Who took my place and accused me of taking the Elixir!

Kage:And Princess Zirconia took my place!

-The girls arrive in the Sky Kingdom-

All Cures and Ore:Ahhhhh!(everyone but Michiru land on feet)

Rei:Michiru! Are you okay?

Michiru:I'm...This is so comfy! More comfy than a fluffy bed! (Pushes face into clouds)

Emiko:Hey Wing! Why have we landed on a cloud? Isn't there grounds?

Wing:Why do you ask that-tsuba? It's called the Sky Kingdom-tsuba!

Henkoi:Enough with this chatter! I want to see Tsubasa! Tsubasa! Here we come!


Wing:Follow me-tsuba. If you want to meet Tsubasa-tsuba. (Taps cloud. Cloud moves)

Suteki:What's happening?

Henkoi:It's all fine! We're just travelling.

Miami:So basically the clouds move around to get to places? How do are the clouds prevented from penalties of staying? Is there even a penalty?

Wing:In the Sky Kingdom-tsuba,the clouds stick together once we're there-tsuba. Oh,we've arrived.

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