Sparkle! Diamond PreCure:The Miracle Adventure of The Sky Kingdom is the second movie of Sparkle! Diamond PreCure. This movie has all the cures included.


Sparkle! Diamond PreCure:Movie 2: The Miracle Adventure Of The Sky Kingdom Transcript



Tsukiyomi Nanami/Cure Jade

Tsukiyomi Nikora/Cure Topaz

Sheriona Noelle/Cure Emerald

Hinamori Amylia/Cure Amethyst

Kanrakugui Rei/Cure Ruby

Kagamiwa Michiru/Cure Tanzanite

Penny/Kise Miami/Cure Peridot

Sparkle/Zakuroishi Yuriko/Cure Garnet

Seigyoku Manami/Cure Sapphire

Jonestu Suteki/Cure Amber

Midoriyume Minako/Cure Dioptaze

Aoikira Izumi/Cure Amazonite

Himawari Akarui/Cure Sunstone

Yorokobi Emiko/Cure Citrine

Showei Chiyaki/Cure Carnelian

Odayaka Takami/Cure Opalite

Tsukiyomi Henkoi/Cure Azurite

Ichigokaze Kaname/Cure Rubellit

Movie Exclusives

Tsukiyomi Tsubasa/Cure Angelite

Henkoi's twin sister. She was born in the Diamond Land but their mother (or Nanami and Nikora's grandmother) was born in the Sky Kingdom but lived there. She decided to stay in the Sky Kingdom rather than the Diamond Land.


The movie's main villain. She is rude and stubborn. She is very mad about PreCure (especially Cure Angelite. But soon Cure Jade as she is the Queen )


A helper of Akuma and appears to the cures first. He tells Akuma about the cures making her mad.

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