Skyjet Pretty Cure! (スカイジェット プリキュア! Sukaijetto PuriKyua!?) is one of starmix03's fanseries. It's motif is Planes and Birds. 


The Jetbird Kingdom is in trouble. Five Jetbird citizens must find Pretty Cure. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Tsubasa and friends are having a field trip to a bird museum. Then, Tsubasa saw a doll-looking bird which happened to be the citizen from the kingdom. Meanwhile, villains appear and Tsubasa must transform.....


Pretty Cures

Hikō Tsubasa/Cure Hawk ({{{2}}}?)

Yasei Chirashi/Cure Condor ({{{2}}}?)

Seishin Jiyū/Cure Swallow ({{{2}}}?)

Odayaka Hakuchō/Cure Swan ({{{2}}}?)

Secondary Cures (From Jetbird Kingdom)

Cure Eagle ({{{2}}}?)

Cure Albatross ({{{2}}}?)

Cure Falcon ({{{2}}}?)

Cure Parrot ({{{2}}}?)

Cure Hummigbird ({{{2}}}?)

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