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Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~
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"Our powers to protect the colors! We are Pretty Cure! Rainbow Stars!"— Cure Heather & Cure Lavender
Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~
SkyRainbowStar Logo
General Information
Created onNovember 2013
Director Yousei A. Sina
Original RunJuly 1, 2014 - May 12, 2015
StudioFairyBerry Productions
Episodes46 episodes
Opening Song~Rainbow Stars~ Pretty Cure
Ending SongDancing on Clouds (episode 1 - 25)

Rainbow Staff Roll (episode 27 - 46)

Series Info
The sky
PredecessorSky Pretty Cure

Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ (スカイプリキュア〜Rainbow Star〜 Sukai Purikyua 〜 Reinbō Sutā 〜?) is the second season of Yousei A. Sina’s Sky Pretty Cure Series. In this season, two new Cures join the Sky Pretty Cure team and together they form a complete rainbow. They also gain new powers by receipting new items and weapons. Like the predecessor, ~Rainbow Star~ includes funny scenes and discussions also romantic as well as the girls start thinking about their futures.

~Rainbow Star~ is Sky Pretty Cure’s successor and also predecessor of Sky Pretty Cure RELOADED! The season shares their main themes with the series itself, which are colors, jewels and the sky.


Follow this link to find all exisiting episodes

After the Pretty Cures have defeated Catastrophe and thought that they had saved the world of light, a new threat appears. Known as Black Diamond, the lady announces that she will make sure to defeat the forces of Pretty Cure. Feeling this crisis, two fairies from Skyriver went to earth along with the Rainbow pact to support the Sky Pretty Cures. But as they arrived, they were almost captured by Black Diamond. However, the two fairies were saved as new Pretty Cures appear...!


Main Characters

TheFinal Vocal FS Sky RubyTheFinal Vocal FS Sky TopazTheFinal Vocal FS Sky AmberTheFinal Vocal FS Sky EmeraldTheFinal Vocal FS Sky sapphireTheFinal Vocal FS Sky DiamondTheFinal Vocal FS Sky RubellitTheFinal Vocal FS Sky AmethystSkPC-Icon LowSkPC-Icon ChrisSkPC-Icon RobinSkyPC-Icon Yumi


The mascots of the Series are called Guards of the Rainbow or also Color Guards, who have the duty to protect the color of the rainbow and become the partners of the Pretty Cures.

  • Scarlet (スカーレット Sukāretto?)
    Scarlet is creature from Skyriver. She is Ruby's transformation partner. She ends her sentences with "~aka". Scarlet gives Ruby the power to transform into the Pretty Cure of fire and passion.
  • Yellow (イェロー I~erō?)
    Yellow is creature from Skyriver. She is Topaz' transformation partner. She ends her sentences with "~kiiro". Yellow gives Topaz the power to transform into the Pretty Cure of thunder and true strength.
  • Mandarine (マンダリン Mandarin?)
    Mandarine is a creature from Skyriver. She is Amber's transformation partner. She ends her sentences with "~daii". Mandarine gives Amber the power to transform into the Pretty Cure of light and elegance.
  • Pink (ピンク Pinku?)
    Pink is a creature from Skyriver. She is Rubellit's transformation partner. She ends her sentences with "~awa".
  • Green (グリーン Gurīn?)
    Green is a creature from Skyriver. He is Emerald's transformation partner. He ends his sentences with "~mido". Green gives Emerald the power to transform into the Pretty Cure of naturality and wind.
  • Blue (ブルー Burū?)
    Blue is a creature from Skyriver. He is Sapphire's transformation partner. He ends his sentences with "~ao". Blue gives Sapphire the power to transform into the Pretty Cure of water, snow and talents.
  • White (ホワイト Howaito?)
    White is a creature from Skyriver. She is Diamond's transformation partner. She ends her sentences with "~shiro". White gives Diamond the power to transform into the Pretty Cure of intelligence and time.
  • Purple (パープル Pāpuru?)
    Purple is a creature from Skyriver. She is Amethyst's transformation partner. She ends her sentences with "~re".
  • Feather (フェザー Fezā?)
    Feather is a creature from the Cloud Castle. She arrives at Earth in Episode 20. She always ends her sentences with "~hane".

Dark Jewels

  • Break (ブレーキ Burēki?) - Break appears as a villain in Sky Pretty Cure. She is an elite warrior of Kamon, who came with her father to earth to fight for Catastrophe's goal and save her home.
  • Black Diamond (ブラックダイヤモンド Burakku Daiyamondo?) - Kuro is one of the main villains from Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. Black Diamond is the main villian of this season. She was created by Break, after her "family" got defeated by Pretty Cure.
  • Onyx (オニキス?) - Onyx is a villain of the series that had her first appearance in Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. Onyx is Kurigami Yumi's dark alter ego.
  • Ruriri (ルリリ?) - Ruriri is one of the villains of Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. To blend in as a normal girl, she introduced herself as Ruri-chan (るりちゃん?).
  • Cure Shyama (キュアシャイアマー?) - Cure Shyama is one of the Cures and villains from Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. She a evil Cure created by Break. Her basic color is black and she controls the power of darkness. She prefers to be called Charoite (チャロアイト Charoaito?).

Other Characters

  • Akahane Ayane (赤羽 綾音?) - Ayane is the mother of the Akahane family, who owns the Feather Bell Restaurant along with Akahane Daisuke, her husband. Ayane is Ruby and Robin's mother, who is seen take over the work of a waitress at the Feather Bell.
  • Akahane Daisuke (赤羽 だいすけ?) - Daisuke is the father of the Akahane family, who owns the Feather Bell Restaurant along with Akahane Ayane, his wife. Daisuke is Ruby and Robin's father, who is the chef at Feather Bell and takes care of the restaurant's finances.
  • Kiishi Mitsuko (黄石 みつこ?) - Mitsuko is Topaz's mother, who lives at works at the Yellow Sun Ranch together with Kouki, her husband. She used to work as a chef of a traditional restaurant when she was younger but then stopped for her family.
  • Kiishi Kouki (黄石 光輝?) - Kouki is Topaz's father and actual owner of the Yellow Sun Ranch. He took over the Yellow Sun Ranch after his parents died to keep the ranch run by the family. He convinced Mitsuko to join his work at the ranch.
  • Kiishi Kazuki (黄石 一輝?) - Kazuki was Topaz's older brother who died when he was two years old. Topaz never met him because he passed away a year before she was born. Kazuki was only mentioned in the whole series.
  • Mikanki Haru (蜜柑木 はる?) - Haru is a bakery owner living in Feather Castletown. She is Amber's aunt, who took care of Amber many years ago. Since her parents are busy with work many times, she lives with her aunt Haru.
  • Mikanki Hinata (蜜柑木 ひなた?) - Hinata is a full-time business woman, who lives and works at the modern part of Feather Castletown. Hinata is Haru's younger sister. Hinata asked Haru to take care for Amber while she and Kenshin are busy with work.
  • Mikanki Kenshin (蜜柑木 ケンシン?) - Kenshin is an expert in financial things and Amber's father. He and his wife, Hinata, life and work at the modern part of Feather Castletown. They gave Amber to his sister-in-law Haru to give Amber a peaceful childhood.
  • Midorikusa Tsubaki (緑草 椿?) - Tsubaki is Emerald's older sister, who is three years older than Emerald. When they were younger both were taking ballet classes until it was revealed that Emerald is more the sport person than the dancer.
  • Midorikusa Sakura (緑草 サクラ?) - Sakura is Tsubaki and Emerald's mother. She lives together with her family at Arc-en-ciel Tower in Feather Castletown. Sakura used to be a figure skater when she was younger. She stopped after she's got injured.
  • Midorikusa Isamu (緑草 いさむ?) - Isamu is Tsubaki and Emerald's father. He lives together with his family at Arc-en-ciel Tower in Feather-Castletown. Isamu is a local sports reporter. Isamu might be the reason why Emerald is pretty interested in sports, especially soccer.
  • Aomizu Yuki (青水 ユキ?) - Yuki is Sapphire's older brother, who is not just excellent at the keyboard but also good at repairing technical stuff. So every time something breaks, Sapphire asks Yuki for help. Yuki is part of a band which he formed with his best friends back in Middle School.
  • Aomizu Skye (青水 スカイ?) - Skye is Yuki and Sapphire's mother. A pretty famous entertainer. Even though she rarely appears on TV, she is very successful with what she's doing. She was born and lived her childhood long in America until she moved to Japan with her family.
  • Aomizu Kaito (青水 かいと?) - Kaito is Yuki and Sapphire's father. A high rated police officer who usually has to work late so he's seen very rarely in the anime. He is still very respected by his family, for being able to have a family and being full time police officer at the same time.
  • Shirosora Kumiko (白空 久美子?) - Kumiko is Diamond's grandmother. Kumiko is the person who cares for Diamond the most time. Diamond has quite a lot from her grandmother; not just the calm personality but also the knowledge of listening to her heart instead of her head.
  • Koshokukoi Rei (紅色恋 レイ?) - Rei is Rubellit's older sister, who just graduated from High School. She acts a little bit like Rubellit's boss and can even tell her Manager, Renka Katsuo what to do. Rei might seem harsh but is actually just worried about her younger sister.
  • Koshokukoi Manami (紅色恋 まなミ?) - Manami is Rubellit's mother, who used to work for a big newspaper company in Toyko. Manami quit her job a while before heir family moved away. Currently, she only publishes her articles on online platforms that pay her better than the company ever did.
  • Koshokukoi Takumi (紅色恋 タクミ?) - Takumi is Rubellit's father and a nature loving scientist, who had to quit his work due to health problems. He moved with his family to Feather Castletown to start a new life for him and his family. In the new town, he helps out at some stores, to support his family.
  • Murasakiiro Asuka (紫色 あすか?) - Asuka is Amethyst's younger sister who died while a car accident. Asuka was very important to Amethyst. She supported her with everything she was up to, even though they fought sometimes. Asuka loved wolves and dogs, this is why Amethyst likes them too.
  • Murasakiiro Haruna (紫色 はるな?) - Haruna is Amethyst's mother who died while a car accident. Haruna was a popular author who wrote 'grown up stories' but also children based stories. Amethyst always loved her stories and even dreams to be just like her one day.
  • Murasakiiro Ayumu (紫色 歩夢?) - Ayumu is Amethyst's father. He is the only family she has after her mother and her sister died during a accident. Amethyst looks up to her father, who managed to keep them two together after the incident.
  • Hashimoto Akira (橋下 あきら?) - Akira is Ruby and Robin's cousing, whose family moved away from Feather Castletown long before the series started. Akira currently lives in Kyoto and came to visit the Akahane famil. It was also revealed that Topaz had a crush on him.
  • Melika (メリーカ?) - Melika is Rubellit's cousin. She comes from Hawaii and her songs are known all around the world. In Rainbow Star 38, Rubellit said that she always looked up to Melika.


  • Skyriver (空川 Soragawa?) - Skyriver is the magical country of rainbows, which was attacked by Catastrophe a year ago. It is the homeworld of the guardians of the rainbow and the power of light, also known the power of Pretty Cure.
  • Feather-Castletown (羽城町 Hajō machi?) - Feather Castletown is a relatively big town located next to Toyama in Japan. It is the hometown of the main characters and is divided in a suburb and the downtown. It is located close to the sea.
  • Nijiiro Private Middle School (虹色私立中学 Nijiiro Shiritsu Chūgaku?) - A private middle school which Ruby, Topaz and Amber attend. It is one of the private schools in the suburb of Feather Castletown and at the same time the second biggest school.
  • Feather Castle High School (羽城高等学校 Hajō Kōtō gakkō?) - A high school which is newly introduced in the season. Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond and Rubellit currently attend the school. It is located in the center of downtown Feather Castletown.
  • Tsubasa Public Middle School (翼公共中学校 Tsubasa Kōkyō Chūgakkō?) - A public middle school which Murasakiiro Amethyst attends. It is the only public middle school in the suburb of Feather Castletown.
  • Cloud Castle (雲城 Kumoshiro?) - A small kingdom located close to the magical country, Sykriver. The Cloud Castle has the duty to protect the light of hope. The current angel of hope, the protector of hope, is a young girl called Feather.


  • Color Commune (色コミューン Iro Komyūn?) - The main transofmation item of this season.
  • Rainbow Pact (レインボーパクト Reinbō Pakuto?) - Rubellit's and Amethyst's transform item.
  • Heaven Crystals (天国の結晶 Tengoku no kesshō?) - Sky Pretty Cure's main weapon.
  • Color Palette (カラーパレット Karā Paretto?) - Pretty Cure Rainbow Star's main weapon.



Please refer to main page Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ Merchandise for more information.


  • This is the first sequel in which a Pretty Cure duo joins the team.
  • Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ is the first Pretty Cure season which has a normal girl controlled by evil and became a villain.
  • Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ is the third sequel season, preceded by Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!.
  • Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ has the most number of Cures in FairySina's Pretty Cure Series with total eight main Cures and one evil Cure.
    • It has also the biggest number of main Cures on the canon Pretty Cure franchise.
    • Later, in The Final Sky Pretty Cure another Cure joins, which beats ~Rainbow Star~'s number of Cures.
  • Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ is the first season with only female evil characters.
  • The Sky Pretty Cure series has the largest number of Cures, with total 10 main Cures.
  • Along with the first season's relationship, a new one was added to this season.
  • The Shiro Private Middle School didn't appear in this season, as all Cures that attended it, are now high school students.
  • This season is the first season to include a cosplay episode were a normal person dresses up as a Cure.
    • It's also the first with a cosplay episode overall.
    • It's also the first time that the team members act like the cosplayer actually has powers.
    • This episode makes a cameo to the twin Cures, the fandom wants to have so much.
  • Beginning with this season, the Sky Cures have a new intro speech.
  • The planned name for Rainbow Star was slightly different; "Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Stars~". The reason for the change lies in a typing mistake.
  • Starting with this season, the Cures don't always say their individual intro speeches before posing together.


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