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Sky Pretty Cure Rainbow Star RELOADED! The Final
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The Episodes of Sky Pretty Cure, the first season of Yousei A. Sina's Sky Pretty Cure Series, aired between July 9th, 2013 and May 13th, 2014. The story was continued in Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~, the second season of the Series.


Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Jōnetsu no iro! Kyua Kurimuzon tanjō!
"Color of Passion! The birth of Cure Crimson!"
Hollow July 9, 2013
A dark power threatens the usually, so peaceful land of colors. The colorful Skyriver gets attacked by Catastrophe and his army. So the royal family of Skyriver has sent magical creatures to earth. They were said to find the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure. One of them found a girl with burning passion at the coast of the town of Feather Castletown. As their powers were combined, Ruby gains the power to transform in the legendary warrior of fire and passion, known as Pretty Cure!
02 Popyurā inazuma! Shin no tsuyo-sa no Kyua Safuran!
"Popular lightning! Cure Saffron of true strength!"
Blank July 16, 2013
As Ruby wondered how many Cures would be there, Scarlet asked her how many colors exist. A moment later Robin, Ruby's twin sister, came into the room and answered the question. Her answer was that there are six or seven colors of the rainbow. Later at the Yellow Sun Ranch, Ruby was visiting her friend Topaz, together with Amber. But as Crimson fought against another evil, a new fairy appeared, giving its powers to Topaz, who transforms into the second Pretty Cure!
03 Miyabi na Purikyua!
"An Elegant Pretty Cure!"
Low July 23, 2013
04 U~indi Uindo! Midori no shizen gaikan!
"Windy wind! The green nature appears!"
Void July 30, 2013
05 Junsuina! Shizen-sa no kyua Shian!
"So pure! Cure Cyan of naturality!"
Time August 6, 2013
06 Unmei no onsei! Mirakuru henshin de aoi iro!
"Voice of Destiny! Miracle Metamorphosis in Blue!"
Void August 13, 2013
07 Kokoro no seika! Utsukushi jikan no isshoku!
"Chant of the Heart! Color of Beautiful Time!"
Hollow August 20, 2013
08 Nana iro! Katasutorofu no idaina iriguchi!
"Seven Colors! Catastrophe's great entrance!"
Catastrophe August 27, 2013
09 Reinbōpakuto ga tōjō! Namida o atsumeyou!
"The Rainbow Pact appears! Collect the tears!"
Void September 3, 2013
10 Aoi Yōsei o Mizuppoi me!
"The watery-eyed blue fairy!"
Low September 10, 2013
11 Shirayuki Puraibēto Raifu!
"The Snow White Private Life!"
Blank September 17, 2013
12 Rettsu Purē! Safaia no ongaku ōkoku!
"Let's Play! Sapphire's music kingdom!"
Blank September 24, 2013
13 Robin no utagai! Imōto to himitsu!
"Robin's suspicions! Secrets and Sisters!"
Time October 1, 2013
14 Kuro kokoro no shadō hime!
"The dark heart of the shadow princess!"
Princess Break October 8, 2013
15 Hāto de kimochi o! LOVE sore wa?!
"The feeling in the heart! Is it LOVE?"
Low October 15, 2013
16 Emerarudo no jōnetsu! Himitsu to tomodachi!
"Emerald's Passion! Secrets and Friends!"
Hollow October 22, 2013
17 Shinsei no kokoro! Ai wa itai!
"True voice of the heart! Love Hurts!"
Void October 29, 2013
18 Fuyu matsuri! Yōsei no yoru!
"Winter festival! The night of fairies!"
Princess Break November 5, 2013
19 PINK JEWEL! Machi de yūmeina aidoru!
PINK JEWEL!町で有名なアイドル!
"PINK JEWEL! A famous idol in town!"
Princess Break November 12, 2013
20 TWIN SISTER - Shinjitsu no iro!
"TWIN SISTER - The Color of truth!"
Time November 19, 2013
21 Tsuyoi otome; hatsunetsu no Atakku!
"The strong maiden; the Fever Attack!"
Blank November 26, 2013
22 Ai no chikara! Shiroi kokoro!
"The power of love! The white heart!"
Blank December 3, 2013
23 Yoi Kāmon to warui Kāmon!
"Bad Kamon and Good Kamon!"
Void December 10, 2013
24 Kuīn no ketsudan! Eien ni tomodachi desu!
"The Queen's decision! We are friends for ever!"
Hollow December 17, 2013
25 Sorairo kiseki! Colorful Christmas!
"Sky colored miracle! A Colorful Christmas!"
Hollow December 24, 2013
26 Ganjitsu no akarui Design!
"The Bright Design on New Year's Day!"
Princess Break January 7, 2014
27 Mukashimukashi - Meruhen no jumon!
"Once Upon a Time - The Märchen spell!"
Princess Break January 14, 2014
28 Diamond ū ra Petīto Pantoufuru de Vuēru!
"Diamond ou la Petite Pantoufle de verre!"
Time January 21, 2014
29 Kogane Ranpion Hime-sama, Topāzu!
"Topaz, the golden Rampion Princess!"
Blank January 28, 2014
30 Tsukiakari no himesama!
"The Moonlight princess!"
Void February 4, 2014 
31 Fushigi no kuni no Ema!
"Emma's Adventures in Wonderland!"
Void February 11, 2014
32 Ningyo hime; sango hime Anbā!
"LThe Little Mermaid; Coral Princess Amber!"
Hollow February 18, 2014
33 Mori no naka e Rouge!
"Rouge into the Woods!"
Princess Break February 25, 2014
34 Kuro jōnetsu to purikyua no memorī!
"The black passion and Pretty Cure's memory!"
Princess Break March 4, 2014
35 Niji no hashi! Torio no Chīmu Appu!
"The Rainbow bridge! Trio team up!"
Catastrophe March 11, 2014
36 Kako e purikyua! Anata no kimochi e rinku!
"Pretty Cure to the Past! A link to your feelings!"
Catastrophe March 18, 2014
37 Sayonara kyūyū! Boido no saigo Attack!
"Goodbye old friend! Void's last attack!"
Void March 25, 2014
38 Ribenji! Kyua Kurimuzon tai Horō!
"Revenge! Cure Crimson vs. Hollow!"
Hollow April 1, 2014
39 Blank no saigo no ketsudan!
"Blank's last decision!"
Blank April 8, 2014
40 Burēki no aisuru otōsan!
"Break's loving father!"
Princess Break
April 15, 2014
41 Atarashī gakkō! Hajō kōkōdesu!
"New School! The Feather Castle High!"
N/A April 22, 2014
42 Kurai kokoro no Hime-sama!
"The princess' dark heart!"
Princess Break April 29, 2014
43 Kurai to kage no sekai wa noboru!
"The world of shadows and darkness rises!"
Catastrophe May 6, 2014
44 Min'na no yume! Purikyua ga akiramenai!
"Everyone's dream! Pretty Cure will never give up!"
Catastrophe May 13, 2014

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