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Sky Pretty Cure
General Information
Created inNovember 2013
Director Yousei A. Sina
Original RunJuly 9, 2013 - May 13, 2014
StudioFairyBerry Productions
Episodes44 episodes
Opening SongLet us Fly! Sky Pretty Cure
Ending SongBetween Sky and Earth
(episode 1 - 23)

Cold Party in the Sky
(episode 24 - 25)
On the Bridge to heavens
(episode 26 - 44)

Series Info
The Sky
SuccessorRainbow Star
Picture Gallery

Sky Pretty Cureスカイプリキュア」 is the first season of Yousei A. Sina's Sky Pretty Cure series. The season's story tells about six girls becoming the legendary warriors of the sky to fight the evil trying to destroy the colors of the world. The story includes besides funny scenes and discussions, also a little romance and parallel universes.

Sky Pretty Cure is the predecessor to Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~, which is the second season of the Sky Pretty Cure Series. Sky Pretty Cure shares their main motives with the main series. These are are colors, jewels and the sky above us.

Sky Pretty Cure is also known as Guardian Angels Of The Sky (魔法少女:スカイの守護み使い?) and is the first season of the Guardian Angels Of The Sky series.


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The story of Sky Pretty Cure plays on the blue planet, commonly known as earth. The main characters all live in a Japanese name, close to the Japanese sea. This town was once the home of the ancient warrior of holy light and is located close to Toyama, Toyama Prefecture. The town is separated into suburb and downtown, while the story mainly focuses around the Feather Castletown suburb. Magical ways connect planet blue with magical countries, like the kingdom of colors or the so-called world of shadows.


Catastrophe, a known sorcerer of darkness brings his powers to the colorful worlds. After the land of rainbows has been destroyed by his power, the royal family of Skyriver ends six fairies of the rainbow to earth. These fairies are told to find the ones, that can fight the power of darkness, known as Pretty Cure. However, to prevent this, Catastrophe has sent his forces to earth as well to capture the fairies of the rainbow before they can find Pretty Cure. Scarlet, the first fairy that lands on earth, looks for the red flame when she was attacked by the force of darkness...!


Legendary Warriors Arc

A few days prior to the start of the story, the demon of darkness, known as Catastrophe ran over Skyriver, with his army of elite warriors. As the peaceful land of Skyriver lost to the forces of dark, the royal family sent a group of fairies to earth, to find the ones who can defeat the power of darkness; known as the legendary rainbow warriors Pretty Cure. On their way to earth, the fairies have been followed by Catastrophe’s elite warriors, who desire to capture them and win the power over earth as well. In Feather Castletown, the center of the world of light, the small fairy Scarlet started to search for the one girl who was chosen to be her partner. At the same time, Ruby and her friends were enjoying their free time after school ended. After spending the day at the rainbow coast, Topaz and Amber left Ruby alone, who then met Hollow - an elite warrior - and Scarlet, who noticed that Ruby was the one who may team up with her. Determined to protect Scarlet, Ruby transformed into the passionate Cure Crimson; the protector of the red rainbow. With her powers as Pretty Cure, Crimson was able to defeat the monster of darkness; the Katahowa, and promised Scarlet to help her protecting the colors of the world.

The next days, Ruby found out that her best friends were also chosen to be Pretty Cure. Topaz teamed up with Yellow, the guardian of yellow color and Amber with Mandarine the guardian of orange color. And it didn’t take long until the three friends found the remaining Pretty Cures. These were students of the Shiro Private Middle School; Midorikusa Emerald became the natural Cure Cyan, Aomizu Sapphire became the talented Cure Azure and Shirosora Diamond the smart Cure Whitney. Finally together, the six girls decided to fight together against the forces of darkness.

Rainbow Tears Arc

Märchen Power Up Arc

Eternal Darkness Arc

Series Information


Main article: Sky Pretty Cure Series#History
Sky Pretty Cure was created in November 2013, on the thought of creating a rainbow-themed Pretty Cure season. Along with the season's name, the names of the main locations were decided first. Then, the names of the Cures followed, based on the same pattern: family names include their theme color (eg. aka ( red?) or midori ( green?)) and the given names are based on jewel/gemstones that are known to have a specific shade of color. The Cure names were decided with an online page that displays the meaning of names. All Cure names (with exception of Cure Crimson and Cyan) are actual English speaking given names that have a color meaning (eg. Sienna means orange-red). The mascots simply got their name from the theme colors of their partner (eg. Scarlet and Blue). However, for Mandarine, the German word for "orange" (the fruit) was chosen, as "orange" would have been too simple for FairySina.


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Voice cast

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Weapons and Items






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  • Sky Pretty Cure is the first season of the Pretty Cure franchise to have less than 45 episodes.
  • Sky Pretty Cure is the first Pretty Cure season to have more than two endings.
  • When the girls activate their powers for the first time, their hair length and color, and sometimes even hair styles, and eye color changes before they say the transformation speech.
  • Sky Pretty Cure is the first Pretty Cure season that starts with total six Cures.
  • The Sky Pretty Cure Series has the largest number of Cures, with total of 10 main Cures.
  • As Yousei A. Sina stated, Sky Pretty Cure will be the first Pretty Cure season since Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! to have non-3D endings.
  • Yousei A. Sina also announced that Sky Pretty Cure will have a German dub.
    • This makes Sky Pretty Cure the second Pretty Cure season to have a German dub, preceded by Futari wa Pretty Cure.
  • Unlike the newer Pretty Cure seasons, this series will have more mature aspects and directed towards teens instead of little children.
  • The story arc of Diamond and Loo's relationship will include some or some more onscreen kisses, which makes the Sky Pretty Cure series the first season(s) having onscreen kisses.
  • Sky Pretty Cure is the first season since Yes! Pretty Cure 5 to have Cures without hair ornaments.
  • Sky Pretty Cure is the second series to feature the Cures to fight inside different fairytales. The first was Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!.
    • However, Sky Pretty Cure is the third season to feature a Cinderella focused episode, preceded by Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Smile Pretty Cure!.
  • Sky Pretty Cure and its following seasons are the first Pretty Cure seasons to air tuesdays instead of sundays.
  • Since Sky Pretty Cure was an anime for kids, as well as for grown ups, some of the released episodes have two different versions:
    • One with childfriendly content; eg. blood is removed from the scenes.
    • One with normal effects just like blood.
  • In addition, two different versions of the published DVD Volumes with these episodes have been released twice:
    • One DVD volume without age restrictions (childfriendly version).
    • One DVD volume with age restrictions.
  • Sky Pretty Cure has, along with Yes! Pretty Cure 5 the least amount of items of the whole franchise.
  • Sky Pretty Cure is sometimes referred as SkyPuri (スカイプリ Sukai Puri?), which literally comes from the katakana characters used in the Japanese name "Sky PreCure", by its fans.
  • Sky Pretty Cure was planned to be the shortest Pretty Cure season, but turned out to be the longest running season.


FairySina's Pretty Cure


Pretty Cure, the name and the original concept belongs to Toei Animation, TV Asahi and their original creators! However, the Sky Pretty Cure Series belongs to FairySina and FairySina only! Every content, artworks, characters, etc. is originally created by FairySina! No one else, beside FairySina is allowed to use anything from the series! The Sky Pretty Cure Series and everything around it belongs to FairySina on Wikia, TLoZ-Freack123 on DeviantArt and CreativeHeroAnn on tumblr and twitter! Further more, some artworks, character profiles and screenshots are done with help of bases of actual animes. If that is the case, the original work is always credited by FairySina on DeviantArt!

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