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Miyabi na purikyua!
Sky Pretty Cure episode 03
Sienna s1
"An Elegant Pretty Cure!"
Air date July 23, 2013
Episode Guide
Episode 02
Episode 04
Opening Let us Fly! Sky Pretty Cure
Ending Between Sky and Earth
Written by FairySina

Miyabi na purikyua! (みやびなプリキュア! An Elegant Pretty Cure!?) is the third episode of Sky Pretty Cure. This episode focuses on Mikanki Amber transforming into Cure Sienna for the first time. In the German dub, this episode is called "Cure Sienna und das Licht der Eleganz!" (Cure Sienna and the light of elegance!).



After the villains have decided that the Pretty Cures would be fighting against Low this time, Amber was having a dream about the fight she had seen in the last episode, where she saw her best friends transforming into Pretty Cure. After that, while walking to school, she noticed Low was talking to himself, worried about whatever he was doing here. As Amber continued walking, Void told Low to concentrate.

After class, Amber started asking Ruby and Topaz if they have heard about the Pretty Cure rumors already. When Topaz and Ruby acted like they didn't know anything about Pretty Cure, they were able to hear the voice of another color guard, which was Mandarine. Mandarine then fell on the table, right in front of Amber. As Amber was surprised that Mandarine was able to talk, they were surprised by Low. But Amber ran away with having Mandarine following her.

While Mandarine and Amber were talking, they started to get closer but sadly, they got interrupted again. Though he was calm, Low failed to create his first Katahowa, which made him slightly panic, which he of course didn't show and with his next try, he was able to create one. While Crimson and Saffron were fighting with Low and the Katahowa, Amber was able to unlock her Pretty Cure powers and transform into Cure Sienna. Together, the three Pretty Cures were able to defeat the Katahowa.

And the end of the episode, Void announced that he will go after the Cures next. And Amber announced that her parents are coming back soon. And asks her friends to help her preparing a surprise for them.





Supporting Characters

Major events

  • Mikanki Amber transformed into Cure Sienna for the first time.
  • Amber, Topaz and Ruby met Mandarine for the first time.
  • Its reveald that Amber knew that Ruby and Topaz are Pretty Cure.
  • The Cures meet Low for the first time.
  • Cure Sienna uses Orange Showtime for the first time.
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