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"The red rainbow holds the powers of passion and fire. I will get the passionate colors back! My name is Cure Crimson!"— Cure Crimson
Jōnetsu no iro! Kyua Kurimuzon ga tanjō!
Sky Pretty Cure episode 01
Crimson s1
"Color of Passion! The birth of Cure Crimson!"
Air date July 9, 2013
Episode Guide
Episode 02
Opening Let us Fly! Sky Pretty Cure
Ending Between Sky and Earth
Written by FairySina

Jōnetsu no iro! Kyua Kurimuzon tanjō! (情熱の色!キュアクリムゾン誕生! Color of Passion! The birth of Cure Crimson!?) is the first episode of Sky Pretty Cure. This episode focuses on Akahane Ruby meeting Scarlet and transforming into Cure Crimson for the first time. In the German dub, this episode is called "Die Flamme der Leidenschaft! Meine erste Verwandlung!" (Flame of passion! My first transformation!)



A dark power threatens the usually, so peaceful land of colors. The colorful Skyriver gets attacked by Catastrophe and his army. So the royal family of Skyriver has sent magical creatures to earth. They were said to find the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure. Meanwhile Ruby is practicing basketball together with her school's team. After they finished, she and her two best friends, Topaz and Amber decided to go to the beach.


Ruby with her Commune

At the same time, a magical creature fell to earth, looking for someone special. The creature was followed by some strange person. As the girls arrived at the beach, everything seemed normal. Even until Amber and Topaz left, nothing special happened. But then, that strange looking person started introduced himself to Ruby. While Ruby had no idea what was going on, Hollow as well as Scarlet figured out that Ruby was a legendary warrior.

Together with Scarlet's help, Ruby transformed into Cure Crimson and fought against Hollow's Katahowa. She even managed to defeat it by using her fiery powers. After the monster was defeated, the colors were saved and Hollow disappeared. At the end of this episode, Ruby wondered how many Pretty Cures would be out there.






Major events

  • The Sky Pretty Cure Series has officially started.
  • Ruby transformed into Cure Crimson for the first time.
  • Scarlet comes to Feather Castletown for the first time.
  • Hollow comes to Feather Castletown for the first time.
  • Cure Crimson uses Red Burning for the first time.
  • Ruby and Scarlet meet for the first time.


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