Sisters Pretty Cure is one of MoonlightTrtuh's fanmade Pretty Cure series. 

Sisters Pretty Cure
シスターズ プリキュア
Shisutāzu Purikyua
General Information
Original Run????
Opening SongSister's noise
Ending Song????
Series Info


Arisa and Ariana are twins, but their characters are very diffrent. Arisa is loves sports, but Ariana think books are better. But even if they are very diffrent they are best friends. One day they meet two fairies and now they have to join their powers and protect earth and other worlds. 


Pretty Cure

Yumeko ArisaArisa is energetic 14 years old girl. She loves sports and eating. She is very popoular at school especially with girls. She is 10 minutes younger than her sister twin, but people often think Ariana is younger. Her alter ego is Cure Trust.

Yumeko ArianaAriana is clever 14 years old girl. She loves reading and drawing. She is very popoluar but unlike Arisa, she is more popoular with boys. She is 10 minutes older than Arisa, but people often think she is younger. Her alter ego is Cure Support.


PeppyPeppy is bunny like mascot and Arisa's fairy partner. He ends his sentences with - py. 

HayenHayen is bunny like mascot and Ariana's fairy partner. She ends her sentences with - en.

LunaLuna is very young cat like mascot. She ends her sentences with - na.

Villains - Dark Feeling

Ulla - Ulla is first villain that appear. She spy on Arisa and Ariana in her human form Yamamoto Kasumi.

Syra - Syra appear in second episode but first time attacked cures in episode 5.

Alex - Alex appear in second episode but first time attacked cures in episode 7.

Darkwind - Darkwind is leader of Dark Feeling.

Others from earth

Yumeko HonokaArisa and Ariana's mother.

Yumeko ArataArisa and Ariana's father.

Others from other worlds

Feeling Kingdom

Queen Rainbow Rose - Queen Rainbow Rose is Queen of Feeling Kingdom, the Kingdom fairies came from.


Heart ModulePretty Cure transformation item.


Rainbow Town - Rainbow town is the place cures live.

Feeling KingomFeeling Kingdom is the place fairies came from.

Rainbow Rose Academy - Arisa and Ariana's school.



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