Single Precure! ( シングルプリキュア!Shingurupurikyua! ) s one of Cure48 fan series, the theme is about human emotion.


The story begin when quenet queen are in a danger, then Saint search precure to help Eri kingdom and search quenet queen who dissapear. In human world saint give Kobayashi Ai power to transfrom as cure love and save the world.


Pretty Cure

Kobayashi Ai- she is the one cures at this fan series, Ai is very strong and and he is very good at sports, Ai is the chairman of the student council at St. Star Gauken. Her ego is Cure Love.

Eri Kingdom

Saint- she is Ai's mascot partner.

Queenet Queen- she is the princess of Eri Kingdom.

Enemy kingdom

Rikka - she is the first enemy and attacked the cures.

Zora- she is the second enemy and attacked the cures.

Chifona- she is the last enemy and attacked the cures.

wawana- a monster from enemy.

Enemy- he is the leader of enemy kingdom.


  • This is my first fan series that only have a one cure


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