Sing Stars! Pretty Cure
シング スターズ! プリキュア
shingu sutaazu! Purikyua
General Information
StudioEmma-chi animation
NetworkTV Emma-chi
Original Run31 December 2014
Series Info
PredecessorTwilight Dream! Pretty Cure

Sing Stars! Pretty Cure (シング スターズ! プリキュア Shingu Sutaazu! Purikyua) is the third pretty cure fan series created by Emma-chi. The theme for the series is singing idols, music instruments and fashion designing.


The Melody Queen is a wonderful singer in Sing-Song Land. She is admired by lots of people in the Kingdom, but an evil King called Fight takes her voice. To bring back the queen's beautiful singing voice, legendary warriors, Sing Stars Pretty Cure must fight.



Hoshioto Yume (星音 夢 Hoshioto Yume)

Yume is a fourteen year old girl in the music club at school. She cares a lot for animals and insects as well as her classmates. She is very confident and has the courage to stand up to bullies. Her alter ego is Cure Harmony. Her theme colours are pink and white and her main instrument is the guitar.

Sakiuta Chihaya (先歌 千早 Sakiuta Chihaya)

Chihaya loves designing clothes and making them. She is 14 years old. She is addicted to Caramel and eats a lot of it. Her alter ego is Cure Chorus. Her theme colours are white and green and her main instrument is the piano.

Shikoe Kokone (四声 心音 Shikoe Kokone)

Kokone is an idol and Yume was the first to find out that she was attending the same school. She is secretly shy and does not want to show herself much so she wears a scarf and a big hat and tries to stay away from lots of people until she becomes Cure Rhapsody and learns the benefits of making friends. Her theme colours are blue and purple and her main instrument is the harp.


Dream - Yume's mascot partner. When she is a human, she is 11 years old.

Dress - Chihaya's mascot partner. When she is human, she is 9 years old.

Sound - Kokone's mascot partner. When he is human, he is 15 years old.

Hana - A fairy at looks like a human but smaller and with wings. She watches over the Cures until they find out on episode 10.


Fight - The leader of the team.

Black - A boy with crimson hair and one black eye and the other green. He loves fizzy drinks.

Cloud - A boy with long, silver hair and yellow eyes. He loves candy. He blows kisses to the Cures when his monsters get defeated and the Cures find it annoying, particularly Kokone.

Yada - A girl who is addicted to make-up and 'can't live' without it on everyday basic. She loves gum.



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