Dark Voice Wake Up and New pure idol is born!
Season {{{season}}}, Episode 01
Kaede chan

Kaede chan

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Episode 02 - So Many Idols!

dark voice wake up and new pure idol is born is episode 1 of Sing! precure!, the debut episode.


Sono Kaede and Hoshimiya Rikka are senior high school student, they dream are to be an idol from cure entertainment. So, they joined cure entertainment test show and then in the waiting room they meet a girl named Atsuko Aya who also want to be an idol. then Kaede,Rikka, and Aya do a test show togheter as a group but a enemy appear with Dark Voice, what should they do?!

Character Appearances


  • This is first episode of sing!precure!
  • the first episode that kaede, aya, Rikka as pure idol
  • the first episode that is kaede, aya, rikka have a battle with Dark sisters