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Silhouette Pretty Cure! is Cure Believe's new fan series. It will begin airing February 5, 2017. Its theme is the sky.




Amai Kaze (甘い 風 Amai Kaze?) - Kaze is a 14 year old student. Her family follows a tradition about seeing the sunset once every month which she always enjoys. Her Cure ego is Cure Sky (キュアスカイ Kyua Sukai?).

Hōseki Sekai (宝石 世界 Hōseki Sekai?) - Sekai is a 14 year old student. Being best friends with Kaze, she likes to visit her home to play outside. Her Cure ego is Cure Sun (キュアサン Kyua San?).

Ai Kage (愛 影 Ai Kage?) - Kage is a 14 year old student. At the beginning, she seems to be very mysterious, but she became a Cure early in the series. Her Cure ego is Cure Cloud (キュアクラウド Kyua Kuraudo?).


Wing (info added soon)






  • Silhouette Pretty Cure! marks the tenth fan series Cure Believe has created!
Cure Believe's first Pretty Cure generation
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