Shunsoku Chieri
俊則 ちえり
Shunsoku Chieri
Personal Information
Birthday DateOctober 7
Hair ColorPurple (Chieri)

Black (Celebrity)

Eye ColorRed (Chieri)

Green (Celebrity)

Home PlaceNakamura Town
RelativesShunsoku Seira (mother)

Shunsoku Kazuki (father)

Alter EgoCure Celebrity
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
SeasonIdol Panic! Pretty Cure
First AppearanceIPPC04 (Chieri)

IPPC10 (Celebrity)

Shunsoku Chieri (俊則 ちえり Shunsoku Chieri?) is one of the main characters in Idol Panic! Pretty Cure. She is a famous idol who a lot of fans and will work hard for them all the time. As Cure Celebrity (キュア セレブリティ Kyua Sereburiti?), Chieri uses the song, Time's Up!, to paralyze the Kanashimi before defeating it with her attack.


Chieri has long purple hair that she ties back into a low ponytail with a red ribbon. Her eyes are red. Her casual outfit consists of a light red waist-length sweater with a brown belt with a gold buckle that is secured just above her waist, skinny jeans and dark red flats.

As Cure Celebrity, her hair grows longer and is let out of its ponytail and turns black. Her eyes go green. She wears round red earring with a white chocker. Her outfit is mainly white but with red accents. Her outfit consists of a long sleeved white waist-length jacket with two tail-coats on the back and has red accents on the jacket and tail-coats and on the ends of the sleeves. She has a white pleated skirt with a red trim and a light red frill underneath. She wears a white belt with a gold buckle around her waist and her PrePod with her CureCard are inserted in their pouch and attached the the belt. Her boots are knee-length with red trims while the rest is white. 


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