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Shirosora Diamond
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Shirosora Diamond
TheFinal Vocal FS Sky Diamond
白空 ダイヤモンド

Shirosora Daiyamondo
Personal Information
SeasonSky Pretty Cure Series
Title(s)Princess Diamond[1]
Age15 - 18
Eye Colorgreen (Diamond)
White (Whitney)
Hair Colorbrown (Diamond)
white (Whitney)
Home PlaceFeather-Castletown
AffiliationSky Pretty Cure
Family Information
ParentsShirosora Chinatsu

Shirosora Hiroto

GrandparentsShirosora Kumiko
Magical Girl Information
ItemCold-Color Commune
Alter EgoCure Whitney
RainbowSilver Rainbow
WeaponsBianko Crystal
Theme Color White
Anime Information
DebutSky Pretty Cure 06
Last AppearanceThe Final 22
SeiyuuMurakawa Rie
Image Gallery
Shirosora Diamond白空 ダイヤモンド」 is a main character appearing in the Sky Pretty Cure Series. She is the human alter ego of Cure Whitney (キュアホイットニー Kyua Hoittonī?), the Pretty Cure of intelligence and time. She is a very smart and gentle girl, who enjoys nothing more than spending time in the serene nature. Rubybellit’s character quote is "Use the time" (「時間を使う」 "Jikan o tsukau"?).


Main article: Shirosora Diamond / History

Personal Information

Basic Statistics

  • Name: Diamond Shirosora
  • Japanese: 白空ダイヤモンド
  • Nickname: Dia (ダイヤ)
  • Birthday: April 4th
  • Birthplace: Feather-Castletown
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Height: 155 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Species: Human
  • Personal Quote: Use the time.
  • Habit(s): playing with her hair
  • Favorite...
    • Food: waffles, preferred apple waffles
    • Color: green, yellow, light blue
    • Music: "everything sounds good, right?"


  • Diamond is afraid of being alone.


  • Like Ruby, Diamond hasn't thought about her future plans until the end of season one.
  • Diamond dreams of being a teacher in the future.


  • Diamond has no skills at sports.
  • She’s known to have a bad stamina.
  • She is pretty weak and has problems to lift heavy things.
  • On top of that, she has a pretty weak body.

  • Diamond is a excellent student.
  • She is the smartest of her class, being better than her best friend.
  • She only has good grades.

  • Diamond is really good at drawing landscapes.
  • Diamond is quite good at cooking.

Physical Information


Clothing Style


In civilian, Diamond wears a white blouse underneath a light blue dress. The dress has puffy sleeves. Around her hips, she wears a black belt with a heart-shaed buckle in the middle. She wears dark brown ankle boots with white stockings that go over her knees. She has brown hair that is mostly tied to twin tails, hold by white ribbons tied in shape of a bow. Her eye color is green.

In winter, Diamond wears a white top that is mostly covered by a dark purple vest. The vest is worn opened and ends under her chest. She wears a grey skirt and brown boots that reach to her knees. The boots also have white lining of which, a bit looks out of the boots. There are also hanging some fluffy balls down from the boots.


In school, Diamond has to wear the Shiro Private Middle School's uniform for girls. The summer uniform consists of a yellow sweater vest with a white short sleeved shirt underneath. The uniform also includes a checked dark yellow skirt, grey stockings and brown shoes. The winter uniform consists of a dark yellow blazer with a white whirt underneath. The skirt, as well as the stockings and the shoes, are the same as the summer uniform's.

Pretty Cure

As Cure Whitney, her hair becomes longer and change to white. Her eyes also change to white. Her hair is still tied in two twin tails held up by grey, heart shaped ribbons. She wears a white/light blue dress with double-layered skirt. Her belt is light- und dark blue with a golden heart, which holds her commune. She wears golden bracelets and white boots, which are knee-length.

When transforming as Cinderella into Cure Whitney, her hair stays open, while braid is tied to the back and hold by a golden heart. She wears a white dress with a light blue sleeve and a underskirt with three layers. Those are similar to her skirt as "normal" Cure Whitney. She wears golden bracelets and white boots, which are knee-length.

Special Clothes

On the cover of the second DVD volume, Diamond wears a dark blue dress with a light blue vest over it. She wears black slippers. Diamond has her hair tied into braided twin tails old by purple bands.

When Diamond transforms into Cinderella in Sky Pretty Cure 28, she wears a blue gown with a light purple layer of cloth that is attached to the top part of the dress. The dress is shoulder free and the second half has in total three layers. The first two are light blue and seperated by white details. The last layer is dark blue. Diamond wears light purple gloves and a blue grown. She wears a light blue hair clip with a heart on it in her hair.

As Dia Card, she wears a sleeveless black dress with armor around her shoulders. A white cloth resembling the ♦-Ace is attached to the dress. The dress and the 'card' are hold by a silver belt with a ♦ symbol on it. Her shoulder armor also has the ♦ symbol on it. She wears black arm warmers with silver armor attached to it. She wears black leggings and brown boots with a V-shaped, silver metal at the top.

Movie Casual

In Holidays at Skyriver, Diamond wears a light blue top whose straps are tied into a bow behind her neck. She wears a violet[2] skirt and pale pink sandals that have short ribbons on them.

In The Legend of the Rainbow Jewels, Diamond wears a blue[3] colored dress with a white jacket over it. The jacket end under her chest and is mostly worn open. She wears silver shoes.

General Information


"You might not seem like it, but you are pretty energetic and always cheering. You actually seem more like the calm person."— Low describing Diamond's character in episode 15

Diamond is a smart and very gentle girl. She is sometimes referred as Queen by others due to the fact that she is one of the smartest students at her age. Diamond is quite calm that's why people would describe her as shy, which is wrong. She is quite opened and has her own mind. However she has good manners and would never say anything that would offend others. Despite her calm, kind and gentle personality, she is also very passionate and energetic. Diamond always follows the "voice of her heart"; she does the things she thinks are right instead of what people want her to believe.


Main article: Shirosora Diamond / Relationships


Shirosora (白空?) - Shirosora comes from Shiro (?) meaning "white", "snowy", "bright" or "clear", combined with Sora (?) meaning "sky" or "air". So combined, Shirosora means "white sky", "bright sky" or "snowy sky". 空 can also be a synonyme for 天, which means "heaven" in Japanese. If 空 and 天 are combined, they mean "sky", "air", "firmament" or "ether". All together, they are a pun to the series' main theme, which is sky after all.

Diamond (ダイヤモンド?) - Diamond is named after the precious gemstone diamond with the same name. The word comes from Old French "diamant", which orignated from Medieval Latin "diamantem" and Vulgar Latin "adiamanten", altered by influence of the many Greek words in dia. The original word comes from Latin meaning "the hardest metal".[4] However, it can also mean "invincible, untamed". The diamond is also the birthstone of April.

Cure Whitney - Her Cure alias is based on the given name and surname Whitney, which was originally derived from a place name meaning "white island" in Old English.[5]

Dia Card (ダイヤカード?) - Diamond's name in Emerald's Adventures in Wonderland. Playing one of the 'Card Guards', Diamond got the name based on the card suit Diamond, which is also her name.


Dia (ダイヤ?) - A short version of the word Diamond, which is her actual given name. Diamond is called that way by FairySina because she likes to shorten "long" words. However in the series, Dia is mostly used by Low, who infact only calls her "Dia".

Pretty Cure

Cure Whitney

Whitney s1

Whitney season 1 & 2

Whitney s3

Whitney season 3 & 4

"Wonderful color of intelligence! Cure Whitney!"
Chisei no umai shikisai! Kyua Hoittonī!

Cure Whitney (キュアホイットニー Kyua Hoittonī?) is Diamond's alter ego. Cure Whitney holds the power of the silver rainbow, which gives her the ability to use time based attacks. She is the Pretty Cure of itelligence and needs her Color Commune to transform. Her transformation speech is "Pretty Cure! Magical Paint Over!". Later she also learns to summon a holy item with which she can use more powerful attacks.

In the German dubs, Whitney introduces herself with "Die bezaubernde Farbe der Zeit! Cure Whitney!", which can be translated as "The enchanting color of time! Cure Whitney!".


  • Bianko Crystal (ビアンコ結晶 Bianko Kesshō?) - Cure Whitney's main attack item that she gains during her fairytale adventure. It allows her to use a powerful attack and can even use to reflect other attacks.

Ever-After Mode

"Wonderful color of intelligence, magic of midnight! Cure Whitney!"
Chisei no subarashī iro, yonaka no mahō! Kyua Hoittonī!

Is the phrase Cure Whintey uses in Episode 28, while being transformed into Cinderella.

Super Cure Whitney

In Sky Pretty Cure: Kyūjitsu ni Soragawa, Pretty Cure are nearly defeated by Marcasite and Tanbaga, but thanks to the Royal Family, as well as the Miracle Lights, a special power is brought upon Pretty Cure, giving them a pair of small Angel wings and a tiara with their jewel. Thanks to this, they are able to use a powerful version of Rainbow Crystal Fantasy to defeat Marcasite and Tanbaga.

Precious Cure Whitney

Precious Cure Whitney (プレシャスキュアホイットニー Pureshasu Kyua Hoittonī?) is Cure Whitney's super form from Legend of the Rainbow Jewels.


Cure Whitney used in The Final Sky Pretty Cure some sub attacks, these are:

  • Smart Time (スマートタイム Sumāto Taimu?) - Cure Whitney freezes the time for some seconds to give the others more time.
  • Whitney Shoot (ホイットニーシュート Hoittonī Shūto?) - Cure Whitney concentrates all her powers into her palm and strikes at the enemy.
  • White Impact (ホワイトインパクト Howaito Inpakuto?) - A sub attack used by Cure Whitney, where she creates a white energy ball, that launches towards the enemy.


"Pretty Cure Magical Paint Over!" - Pretty Cure Magical Paint Over is the official transformation speech used by Shirosora Diamond to transform into Cure Whitney in Sky Pretty Cure.

First Diamond activates her transformation by pressing the middle button twice. Then, the device disappears and her body gets covered by a sky blue light. Then, her hair gets changed and styled by white sparkles. Then, she stretches her arms above her head and the white light disappears, unveiling her dress. As she put her arms down again, her bracelets are unveiled. She opens her eyes and spins around one time, where her boots appear. As the sparkles passed her, her Color Commune gets attached to her belt. Finally, Cure Whitney pocks the remaining sparkle, which bursts into five smaller sparkles, and introduces herself with “Wonderful color of intelligence! Cure Whitney!”.

"Pretty Cure Rainbow Miracle!" - In Sky Pretty Cure: Kyūjitsu ni Soragawa, Diamond and her friends transformed into Super Pretty Cure by the power of the Miracle Jewel Lights. While transfroming, they used the transformation pharse "Pretty Cure Rainbow Miracle".


  • "Right now. Right here, the world could stop spinning." - Diamond in Rainbow Star 05


As a main character, Diamond's voice actor, Murakawa Rie has particated in several image songs for the character she voices:

  • ♪ magical ♫ (Along with Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka)
  • Rainbow Rose (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka)
  • living my dream (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka)
  • Mirai, Kibou, Destiny! (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Sakura Ayane, Uchida Maaya)
  • P R I S M (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Sakura Ayane, Uchida Maaya)
  • Niji Tenshi no Karaa (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Sakura Ayane, Uchida Maaya)
  • Forever Sky Pretty Cure ♥ (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Sakura Ayane, Uchida Maaya)


  • Diamond's birthday falls on April 4th, which makes her zodiac to be Aries (♈).
  • Diamond is the only Sky Pretty Cure to have a different hair and eye color in civilin than as Pretty Cure.
  • Diamond is the first Pretty Cure to have an actual love relationship during her season.
  • It's revealed that Diamond's biggest fear is to be left alone.
  • It was revealed that Diamond doesn't like snowball fights as she usually gets targeted.
  • Diamond is the third main character to transform into Cinderella. The first were Yumehara Nozomi from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! and Hoshizora Miyuki from Smile Pretty Cure!.
  • As said in the 112th episode of the Series, Diamond is represented by the pansy, which means "thoughtful" or "caring" in the language of flowers.
  • Diamond is the second oldest active Pretty Cure, right after Koshokukoi Rubellit.
  • Diamond is the shortest member of the Sky Pretty Cure team.
  • Diamond shows some similarities to Yukishiro Honoka from Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart:
    • Both are born on April 4th. Therefore, both have their zodiac to be aries.
    • They share their blood type; B.
    • Both live with their grandmother as their parents are busy with working.
    • Both own/used to own a pet. Honoka owns a dog Chuutaro and Diamond used to own a rabbit.
    • Both of their Pretty Cure alter egos are white themed and show a golden heart-shaped belt buckle.
    • Both are the smartest in their group.
    • Both appear graceful and vulnerable, but are actually stronger than they seem.
    • Both are best friends with sporty Pretty Cures.
    • Both have "shiro" in their name. However, in Honoka's case, it means "castle", while it means "white" in Diamond's case.
  • Cure Whitney is the fifth white colored Pretty Cure. The first were Cure White from Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Cure Egret from Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star, Cure Rhythm from Suite Pretty Cure♪ and Cure Echo of the Pretty Cure All Stars movies.
  • Cure Whitney is the first Pretty Cure that uses the power of time.
    • Futhermore, Cure Whitney is the first Pretty Cure to be able to freeze the time.
  • Cure Whitney is the first white themed Pretty Cure to have white colored hair.
  • Cure Whitney is the only Pretty Cure to not get a new weapon in Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~.
    • However, Cure Whitney is the only Pretty Cure to have two attacks in Rainbow Star.


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