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Shinzuru Saki
Shinzuru Saki
SeasonTrue Fairy♥Pretty Cure!
Eye Colorgreen (Saki)

Light green (Cure Nymph & Nymph Believe)

Hair Colorbrown (Saki)

blonde (Cure Nymph & Nymph Believe)

First AppearanceTFPC01
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Nymph

Nymph Believe

Theme Colorgreen

Shinzuru Saki is one of the main Cures from True Fairy♥Pretty Cure!. Saki is a ver talented girl who is a friend of Mao and also a student from Teishoku Public Middle School. Saki is fascinated by all that is fantastical. She is a member of the Art Club, like her friends. Her alter ego is Cure Nymph (キュアニンフ Kyua Ninfu) and her power is related to faith. Later, she becomes Nymph Believe (ニンフビリーブ Ninfu Birību) a stronger version of Cure Nymph.



Saki is a ver talented girl who is a friend of Mao and also a student from Teishoku Public Middle School. Saki is fascinated by all that is fantastical.



Shinzuru Megumi - Saki's sister

Shinzuru Yume - Saki's mother

Shinzuru Katsou - Saki's father

Cure Nymph

Celebrating every single day! Eye of faith! Cure Nymph!
Mainichi o iwau! Shinkō no me! Kyua Ninfu!

Cure Nymph (キュアニンフ Kyua Ninfu) is Saki's Pretty Cure alter ego. Her powers are related to faith. As Cure Nymph, Saki is much more confidence and does not hesitate as much as in human form. Alone, Cure Nymph can perform Nymph Destiny and Double Faith.
Later, after geting her UltraNymph Rod, she can perform Ultra Nymph Change.

Together with Cure Fairy, Cure Unicorn and Cure Pegasus, they can perform True Ultra Flower.


Nymph Destiny -

Double Faith -

Ultra Nymph Change -

Nymph Believe

Ultra power of the eye of faith! The golden Shining Light! Nymph Believe!
Shinkō no me no chō pawā! Kin'iro no kagayaku hikari! Ninfu Birību!

Nymph Believe (ニンフビリーブ Ninfu Birību) is Saki's second alter ego. Like Cure FNymph, she has powers of faith. Nymph Believe is a stronger version of Cure Nymph. As Nymph Believe, she can use the attack Golden Eye ~ Rising.


Golden Eye ~ Rising -


"Magical Pretty Cure Heart Upgrade!" - Magical Pretty Cure Heart Upgrade is the official transformation speech used by Shinzuru Saki to transform into Cure Nymph in True Fairy♥Pretty Cure!.


Shinzuru (信ずる) - Shinzuru means "believe" a reference to her power as Cure Nymph. Believe is also a part of her second alter ego Nymph Believe.

Saki (咲希) - Saki comes from Japanese 咲 (sa) "blossom" and 希 (ki) "hope".


  • She is the second main Cure, with the name Saki. The first was Hyuuga Saki from Splash Star



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