Shiny Rod  (シャイニロオド Shaini Roodo) is the weapons that the Shine★Pretty Cure! Cures use to perform their powerups and Pretty Cure Miracle Reflection. Made by [MitsuMitsu-chan.


They are long white sticks, with a circle inserter to insert the Rainbow Cure Jewels. At the top of each stick is a different shape. A heart for the Heart Rod, a diamond for the Diamond Rod, a club for the Clover Rod, and a spade for the Spade Rod. There are four buttons, pink, blue, yellow and purple.


Heart Rod - Used by Cure Light.

Diamond Rod - Used by Cure Queen.

Clover Rod  - Used by Cure Clover.

Cure Spade  - Used by Cure Spade.



Coming soon...

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