Shiny Charge (シャイニーチャージ Shainī Chāji?) is Cure Glow's first finisher in Shining Kiseki! Pretty Cure, requiring the Shiny Charm. It is first used in episode 1.


Cure Glow inserts her Shiny Charm into the first charm slot from the left in her Shining Brooch. A light begins to glow, transitioning into Cure Glow drawing a glowing heart while saying, "Shine, the light of love!". The heart lights up, while Cure Glow begins, "Pretty Cure...". The light shoots out while she finishes the incantation, "Shiny Charge!". The light engulfs the enemy, purifying it. Cure Glow smiles, as the light bursts into small orange circles of light.



Cure Glow: シャイニーチャーム!
Cure Glow: 磨き、愛の光!
Cure Glow: プリキュア... シャイニーチャージ!


Cure Glow: Shainī Chāmu!
Cure Glow: Migaki, ai no hikari!
Cure Glow: Purikyua... Shainī Chāji!


Cure Glow: Shiny Charm!
Cure Glow: Shine, the light of love!
Cure Glow: Pretty Cure... Shiny Charge!