Shiny! Precure is Prangmaluffy second series. Theme of this series is a Light.


Started at Sparkle land. The land of lights. That have Lumina the queen of light that make a bright light to the earth. She live with light fairies in Crystal palace. But one day, have a king of dark come to Sparkle land and stole The marble of lights away. Queen Lumina have decided to sent 3 fairies of light to the world to find the legendary warriors called Pretty Cure.


Himayuri Usame // Cure Rise "The mark of sunlight! Cure Rise!"

15 years old girl. She is a shy girl. She doesn't like to talk with others. But when she met. Yukiho she have changed. She is an intelligent girl. She is Good in Math. Her favorite hobbies is listening to music and read a books. She met Gege, the fairy of light. And save her.She transform as Cure Rise and find the marble of lights. Her color is Pink, yellow and white.

Mihara Yukiho // Cure Luna "The mark of Moonlight! Cure Luna!"

Usame's friend. She is a cheerful and active girl. She like to do gardening. Her family run a flower shop. She is first Usamebest friends. She first met Usame at her flower shop. She met Kilala, the fairy of light (Kilala is Gege and Mimi friends) She decided to help Kilala from The king of Dark. And then, Yukiho transform as Cure Luna and help Cure Rise to find the Marble of lights. Her color is Purple and Blue.

Himaruya Naomi // Cure Glitter "The mark of sparkling star! Cure Glitter!"

Naomi is a 15 years old girl. She study at the same school with Same and Yukiho. She is a popular idol in Japan. But her personality is selfish and proud. She really dislikes Usame. But inon episode 134 Same and Yukiho help her from Darkness monster This situation make her change her mind.She met Mimi at her bedroom and on episode 5 she transform as Cure Glitter. Her color is yellow.

The Sparkle land

Queen Lumina - She is a Queen of Sparkle land.

Gege - The fairy of lights. Her mark is a Sun. She is Usame partner.

Kilala - The fairy of lights. Her mark is a Moon. She is a Yukiho's partner.

Mimi - The fairy of lights. Her mark is a Stars. She is a Naomi's partner.

The Darkness land.

Cosmos - The king of Darkness

Darkness guys

1.Shady 2.Shade 3.Eclipse 4.Strom

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