Shinryoku Chika
Kanji 心力智佳
Romaji Shinryoku Chika
Season Super Cutie Honey Pretty Cure!
Physical Info
Age 10
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Magenta (Chika)
Pink (Cure Heartful)
Eye Color Dark Red (Chika)
Red (Cure Heartful)
Personal Info
Home Place Kofukuna
Relatives Shinryoku Mai (mother)
Shinryoku Arata (father)
Shinryoku Kohaku (grandmother)
Sibling(s) Shinryoku Ren (sister)
Pretty Cure
Pretty Cure Ego Cure Heartful
Super Form(s) Cute Cure Heartful
Princess Love
Power Love
Theme Color Pink
Anime Information
First Appearance SCHPC01

Shinryoku Chika is one of the main Cures from Super Cutie Honey Pretty Cure!. Chika is an always happy and helpful girl who is liked by most likely everyone in town. She has a habit to give everyone a cute nickname. Chika lives with her grandmother because her parents are out of town. Her alter ego is Cure Heartful (キュアハートフル Kyua Hātofuru?) and her powers are based on love.


Becoming Cure Heartful


Chika is an always happy and helpful girl who is liked by most likely everyone in town. She is positive whatever happens, and with the strength of heart and will to give everything she can always overcome it. She is pretty much interested in cute things and has a room full of them. Besides her helpful, positive and happy personality, Chika is also kinda hyperactive.


As a civilian, Chika has dark magenta hair that just past her shoulders. She wears a light pink head band. Her eyes are dark red.

As Cure Heartful, her hair becomes longer, changes to a brighter shade of pink.


Cure Heartful

"The lovely warrior of love! Cure Heartful!"
Ai no sutekina senshi! Kyua Hātofuru!

Cure Heartful (キュアハートフル Kyua Hātofuru?) is Chika's Pretty Cure alter ego. Cure Heartful holds the power of love. She transforms by saying Pretty Cure Super Cute Miracle!.

The first attack Cure Heartful can perform is Heartful Ribbon. Later she is also able to use another attack called Heartful Melody. After getting her Honey Heart Flash, she learns to use a new attack called Lovely Harmony. Also with each other Cure, they are able to use duo attacks; together with Cure Bubble, she can use Sparkling Love, with Cure Yoshi, she can use Pink Flower and with Cure Sparkling, she can use Tornado Rhythm. All four Cures together can use Super Cute Clover Finale.


Cute Cure Heartful

Princess Love


"Pretty Cure Super Cute Miracle!" - Pretty Cure Super Cute Miracle! is the official transformation speech used by Shinryoku Chika to transform into Cure Heartful in Super Cutie Honey Pretty Cure!.


Shinryoku (心力?) - The Kokoro (心) in Shinryoku means "heart", a reference to her alter ego as Cure Heartful. The chikara (力) means "power" or "force".

Chika (智佳?) - The name Chika comes from Japanese Chi (智) "wisdom, intellect" combined with Ja (佳) "good, fine".

Sato (?) - Chika's nickname, which she got from her friends. Sato is a part from the name "Satomi". Satomi comes from Japanese Sato (聡) "wise" combined with Mi (美) "beautiful".


  • Chika is the first lead Cure, who is younger than 14 years.
    • Chika is also the first lead Cure, who is 10 years old.
    • Chika is the thrid Cure overall, who is younger than 12 years. The first two were Shirabe Ako and Madoka Aguri.
  • Cure Heartful is the second Cure, who represents love, while having pink hair. The first was Aino Megumi from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure. All other Cures of love had blonde hair.


Dream Selfy Version


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