This is a list of episodes for Shining Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Attack Villain Air Date
01 Akaruku Kagayaku! Shainingu Purikyua no Tanjō!
"Shine Brightly! The Birth of Shining Pretty Cure!"
Perfect Radiance Heat 2018-06-13
Hidamari Hotaru and Yamizora Mizuki meet three mascots called Aurora, Selena and Astra on their way to home. The girls find out that they are chosen by the mascots to transform into Shining Pretty Cure.
02 Shinji Rarenai Kamo Shire Shinaide! Watashi wa Yamizora Mizuki de Shin'yūdesu!
"Believe or Don't! I am Yamizora Mizuki's Best Friend!"
Perfect Radiance Heat 2018-06-20
Student Council of Miehikari Junior High School isn't glad because of Hotaru's befriending with Mizuki and the basketball team isn't either. So they decide to embroil the two.
03 Yorokobi to Shiawase! Watashi wa Anata no Egao o Mite Mitai!
"Joy and Happiness! I Want to See Your Smile!"
Perfect Radiance Heat 2018-06-27
Mizuki is often sad, so she tells Hotaru not to be friends with her and find another one who will fight with her, otherwise Hotaru will stop being happy. But she isn't going to give up and tries her best to make her friend Mizuki smile.
04 Hotaru no Ikari. Mō Denai Yūjō ka?
"Hotaru's Anger. No Friendship Anymore?"
Perfect Radiance Heat 2018-07-04