Shining Pretty Cure!
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Shainingu Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorCure Lucky
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunJune 13, 2018
Opening SongOnegai, Glitter! Shining Pretty Cure!
Ending SongHikari ni shitaga! (episodes 1-22)

Clap, Clap! Migaki o Catch! (episodes 22-49)

Series Info
PredecessorLovely M@gic Pretty Cure!
SuccessorHappy Days Pretty Cure!
Shining Pretty Cure! (シャイニングプリキュア! Shainingu Purikyua!?) is a Japanese magical girl anime and the fifth fan series created by Cure Lucky. This series will be produced by Toei Animation and will begin airing on June 13, 2018, replacing Lovely M@gic Pretty Cure! in its initial timeslot. Its theme is Light.


Radiant Valley's Sun, Moon and stars were shining bright and giving energy to Shiny Crystal, untill Desperate Gloom extinguished them. With out Shiny Crystal's light Radiat Valley becomes weaker day by day, so it's time to find the legendary warriors Pretty Cure, who will restore the main soures of Radiant Valley's light.


Pretty Cure

Hidamari Hotaru (陽だまり ほたる Hidamari Hotaru?)/ Cure Sun (キュアサン Kyua San?)
Voice actress: Nakada Asumi
Hotaru is the athletic main heroine of the series and member of the basketball team at Miehikari Junior High School. She is hyperactive, energetic girl, who often uses her catchphrase "Sparkle!" (ぴかぴか光る! Pika Pika Hikaru!?) and though boys hate ter, Hotaru is popular with the girls. She is Cure Sun, who symbolizes energy and joy, with the power of sunshine.

  • Joyful golden light, Cure Sun!

Yamizora Mizuki (闇空 みずき Yamizora Mizuki?)/ Cure Moon (キュアムーン Kyua Mūn?)
Voice actress: Nakamura Eriko
A bit nervous girl, who became Pretty Cure along with Hotaru and the smart, but uncommunicative student council president in the same school. Like Hotaru, Mizuki is popular with the girls, but also with the boys. She is Cure Moon, who symbolizes purity and mystery, with the power of moonlight.

  • Pure silver light, Cure Moon!

Utane Hoshi(歌音 ほし Utane Hoshi?)/ Cure Star (キュアスター Kyua Sutā?)
Voice actress: Hasegawa Akiko
A 13-year-old upcoming idol. She is a fashionable, stubborn girl and becomes the last member of the team. Though Hoshi is not very famous and has a carefree personality, she works hard to achive the fame and make the people happy with her songs. She is Cure Star, who symbolizes brilliance, with the power of starlight.

  • Brilliantly sparkling light, Cure Star!


Aurora (オーロラ Ōrora?) - Hotaru's mascot. She ends her sentences with "~rora!".

Selena (セレナ Serena?) - Mizuki's mascot. She ends her sentences with "~rena!".

Astra (アストラ Asutora?) - Hoshi's mascot. She ends her sentences with "~tora!".


Gloomer (グルーマー Gurūmā?)
The main villain of the season.

Heat (ヒート Hīto?)
The first villain to appear. He is Cure Sun's main rival, a rude, strong man, who usually targets boys between the age of 14 to 18. His power is blue fire.

Shoku ( Shoku?)
The second villain to appear. He is Cure Moon's main rival, a gentle, handsome young man, who usually targets girls between the age of 14 to 18.

Haze (ヘイズ Heizu?)
The third villain to appear. She is Cure Star's main rival, a bubbly, rebellious young girl, who usually targets boys and girls between the age of 10 to 13.

Kiriritsuzen (霧りつゼン Kiriritsuzen?)
The mosters.



Radiant Valley (ラディアントバレー Radianto Barē?) - A world, full of brightness and shines.

Miehikari Junior High School(三重光中学校 Miehikari Chūgakkō?) - Hotaru, Mizuki and Hoshi's school.

Desperate Gloom (デスパレートグルーム Desuparēto Gurūmu?) - The home place of the season's villains.


Shiny Crystal (シャイニークリスタル Shainī Kurisutaru?) - The crystal, that holds all power of light.

Sparkle Commune (スパークルコミューン Supākuru Komyūn?) - The Pretty Cures' transformation device.


  • Shining Pretty Cure! is slightly similar to Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart:
    • In both seasons Pretty Cures can use the power of light.
    • Both seasons have 3 Cures.
    • Both seasons have 2 Cures, who are the same age, and third Cure, who is younger.
  • Shining Pretty Cure!  is the only season to have all mascots female.