Shining Jewels Pretty Cure: Hark! The Future is in Danger!
シャイニングジュエルズプリキュア ハーク!未来は危険がある!
SeriesShining Jewels Pretty Cure
Original ReleaseNovember 6, 2016
DirectorTachibana Nora

Shining Jewels Pretty Cure: Hark! The Future is in Danger! (シャイニングジュエルズプリキュア ハーク!未来は危険がある! Shainingu Jueruzu Purikyua: Hāku! Mirai wa kiken ga aru!) is the 18th Pretty Cure movie produced, and the debut movie for Cure Citrine and Friendly Face-Off. The movie will be released on November 6, 2016.


While the Cures are battling their own threat, there is a threat in the future which they have not heard about. At least, not until a Cure from the future arrives to her past to warn the Shining Jewels. Known as Cure Charm, she tells the full story; although the Shining Jewels have won their battle, a new team steps up, failing miserably to their enemy. The Cures rush to the future to help their so-called friend...but is there truly someone else behind this?


Pretty Cure


Movie Characters

Other Characters


  • Strangely, though the movie is released while Cure Emerald is still influenced by evil, she is perfectly normal in this movie.

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