Shikohana Natsuki
Shikohana Natsuki
Shikohana Natsuki
SeasonMoonlight Flower Pretty Cure
Little Lily Pretty Cure
Eye Colorred
Hair Colorred
Home PlaceKokotaru
RelativesShikohana Mizuki (sister)


First AppearanceMFPC01
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Shine
Theme Colorred (main)

white (sub) orange (sub)

Shikohana Natsuki is one of the main Cures from Moonlight Flower Pretty Cure. Natsuki is Mizuki's younger sister. She did not know about her sister's secret until Tsuki was kidnapped. Together with her best friends she decided to get Tsuki back and was then able to transform into Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Shine (キュアシャイン Kyua Shain). Her powers are related to the sun.

Her catchphrase is "Watch the Light!" (光を見る Hikari o miru)


Becoming PreCure

Helping Mizuki

Fight against the emeny




Natsuki has short red hair and red eyes. She wears a black jacket with a scarlet colored dress shirt underneath, blue jeans and pink shoes.

As Cure Shine, her hair becomes longer and get tied into a ponytail hold up by a orange ribbon. She wears a long red dress with some white details and a red collar. Her boots are red colored and she has orange colored wings on her back.


Shikohana Mizuki - Natsuki's older sister who was/is a Cure.

Gold - Gold is her mascot and transform partner

Cure Shine

Sunlight in deepest night! Burning sun! Cure Shine!
Mottomo fukai yoru no nikkō! Hi o moyasu! Kyua Shain!

Cure Shine (キュアシャイン Kyua Shain) is Natsuki's Cure alter ego. Her powers are related to the sun. Her powers are the oppeside of her sister's. She transformed after Cure Crescent lost her partner and activted her Magic Rupee. Her partner is Gold.
Cure Shine is able to perform Light of Tomorrow and Mystical Daylight.


Light of Tomorrow -

Mystical Daylight -


"Pretty Cure Light Power Charge!" - Pretty Cure Light Power Charge! is the official transformation speech used by Shikohana Natsuki to transform into Cure Shine in Moonlight Flower Pretty Cure.




Shikohana (紫光華) - Shiko (紫光) means purple light a reference to her sister's powers as Cure Crescent which are related to the moon. Hana (華) means flower.

Natsuki (菜月) - From Japanese Na(菜) "vegetables, greens" and Tsuki (月) "moon".




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