Shibuki Hikari
Shibuki Hikari
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Pink (Hikari)

Light Pink (Cure Sparkle)

Eye ColorMagenta(Hikari)

Pink (Cure Sparkle)

Alter EgoCure Sparkle
Theme ColorPink (main)

White (sub)

Anime Information
SeasonLight Precure!
First AppearanceLPC01

Shibuki Hikari (Shibuki Hikari?)is the leader of her team and the main character of Light Precure!. Her alter ego is Cure Sparkle ({{{2}}}?).


Hikari has magenta eyes and a long light pink hair, sometime she tied her hair into ponytail.


Hikari is a very cheerful, lively girl, she also a famous top idol. hikari always with her bestfriend Mizuki Aoi.


Past life

Meeting Rock and Becoming Cure Sparkle

In episode 2 she and her friend come to Budokan cup, the event for top idol competing to become the winner. A kuroh and Kurohime appear again in the concert, cure happy can't defeat kuroh in this time then rock appear to give hikari power to become cure sparkle and defeat kuroh.


Mizuki Aoi: Hikari's best friend since childhood .

Hikari Parents: her parents

Watanabe Naru: Hikari's friend

Fukuhara An: Hikari rival but later they become friend.

Rock: Cure Sparkle / Hikari partner

Hikari Manager: Hikari Manager

Cure Sparkle


She transfrom use memory catch and her shout out is " light, stand by! " And She Introduction: "The Everyone Light, Paceful Future! Cure Sparkle!"(みんなの光平和の未来!キュアスパークル! / Min'na no Hikari, Heiwa no Mirai! Kyua Supākuru!).


She use rod sparkle as her device to attack

First Attack :

- sparkle shower


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