Shiawase Egao
幸せ エガオ
Shiawase Egao
Personal Information
Birthday DateJune 4
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Alter EgoCure Smile
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonHappiness Pretty Cure
First AppearanceHaPC01

Shiawase Egao (幸せ エガオ Shiawase Egao?) is the protagonist of Happiness Pretty Cure and unofficial leader of the duo. She is a transfer student of Smile Middle School. She thinks being Pretty Cure is easy and not risky or dangerous, and hates taking advice from other people, which usually leads her into trouble. Her alter ego is Cure Smile (キュアスマイル Kyua Sumairu?).


Egao is cheerful and energetic, she is weak in studying but strong in sports. She thinks being Pretty Cure is easy, and not risky or dangerous. She hates taking advice from other people, which leads her into trouble sometimes.



Shiawase (幸せ) - Shiawase means "happiness", referring to the series' motif.

Egao (エガオ) - Egao means "smile" (笑顔), referring to her alter ego.

Cure Smile

"Smile, Cure Smile!"

Cure Smile is Egao's alter ego. She easily defeats Kanashis, so she thinks being Pretty Cure is easy.


Heiwa Chou - The first person to befriend Egao, also her best friend.

Happy - Egao's fairy partner.


  • She is most probably the first Cure to think being Pretty Cure is easy, not reckless or dangerous.


Coming soon...

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