Sherlock Kuran
Kuran Sherlock
Personal Information
Birthday DateUnknown
Hair ColorSherlock : White

Cure Genius : Silver

Eye ColorSherlock : Green

Cure Genius: Black (normal)

purple (evil)

Home PlaceTokyo,Japan


Alter EgoCure Genius
Theme ColorWhite
Anime Information
First AppearanceFWDDPC01

Sherlock Kuran (玖蘭シャーロック Kuran Sherlock?) is one of main character from Futari Wa Doki Doki Precure!. She known as Sherry (シェリー Sheri?). She is half Caucasians and half japanese. She is a big fan of Doki Doki Precure Sherry have a bestfriend named Cordelia Kobayashi. She is part of unit Feathers.


She have a long white hair and green eyes.

When as Cure Genius, she also have a long siver hair and black eyes. When evil form, Sherry is well-matured and slim for her age. She has extremely long silver hair and light blue highlights at the tip. Her hair is styled into a complicated hairstyle, it braids up into a bun, then it seems as if it sprouts into twin drills. She also has sharp, but thin dark purple eyes.


She is a bit clumsy but really caring and friendly, she is also feminine. She very good at study but bad at sport.

When evil form, Sherry her personality is mature, sadistic, and selfish.

Cure Genius

"be in all respects, cure genius!"
"Subete no tendearu koto, Kyua Tensai!"

Cure Genius (キュア天才 Kyua Tensai?)is Sherry's alter ego. could figure out how to fight the enemies quickly by way of just seeing and her theme colour is white. She needs her Detective Id to transform and her transformation phrase is Pretty Cure! Detective Stand By!


Attack Power 5/5

Defensive Power 5/5

Speed 5/5

Intelligence 4/5


(To Arsène) -pretty cure is cool, they are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to protect everyone! I will not allow anyone to insult them!


  • she is the first character pretty cure could turn into evil and good
  • Cure Genius has also been seen to use a protective shield in civilian form and Cure form.
  • cure genius is the third peecure when the father is the same as an enemy (villain) of cure moonlight from heartcatch precure and cure muse from suite precure.
  • when transform into Cure Genius her personality similiar with Erza Scarlet

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