Sheriona Noelle is one of the Cure in Sparkle! Diamond PreCure. Her alter ego is Cure Emerald.

Sheriona Noelle
2014 - 1 (10)
Sheriona Noerei
Personal Information
Hair Colorlight brown (Noelle) green (Cure Emerald)
Eye Colorblue (Noelle) olive (Cure Emerald)
Home PlaceKongouseki Town
Alter EgoCure
Theme ColorGreen
Anime Information
SeasonSparkle! Diamond PreCure


She looks shy and quite unfriendly at first but after becoming PreCure she's the total opposite of how she was at first. She is the cheerful childhood friend of the twins and the dramatic one.She's a chocoholic (that means she's obsessed with chocolate,mainly white chocolate) and addicted to watching comedy programs. She acts like fainting when it comes to certain moments.



As Noelle she has shoulder length light brown hair and green eyes. She wears a ight green shirt, light green bracelet and light blue skirt.

Her second outfit is a peppermint green dress with a glittery blue sleeveless blouse with a olive green belt and navy leggings. She has dark magenta slipper-like shoes.

As Cure Emerald her hair turns peppermint green which is tied into a ponytail with a gold stick accessory. She had a green decoration across her forehead and green drop earrings. Around her neck is a pearl necklace with a green pendant. She has a green sailor collar puffy dress with her Cure Shiny on the centre of a blue bow. Her shoes are green heels with ribbons crossing around her legs.

Cure Emerald

The diamond with gate to hope, Cure Emerald!

Cure Emerald is the alter ego of Noelle. Her powers are based on explosions. Her theme colour is green.

Princess Emerald

Miracle Emerald

Queen Emerald




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