Shadow Pretty Cure (シャドー プリキュア Shadō Purikyua) is a group of girls created by Shade in Yay! Pretty Cure 7!.



Shadow Cures

Shadow Wish - She is Cure Wish's dark counterpart. Wish is the leader of Shadow Pretty Cure and is very smart. She is a mean and rude thriteen year old girl and is very elegant instead of being clumsy. She only cares about Desire and Shade and doesn't care about the other girls unless they are battling Pretty Cure.

Shadow Desire - She is Cure Desire's dark counterpart. She is rude and mean like her sister and loves eating any kind of food. She doesn't share anything with anyone and likes battling Pretty Cure on her own. She is very clumsy and hates Shadow Wave to death and is seen in battle fighting with Wave.

Shadow Flare - She is Cure Flare's dark counterpart. She seems to have a hate-love relationship with Desire but has a hate relationship with Shadow Wave. She likes being alone and tends to fight Pretty Cure with her fists, mostly punching them hard in the stomach. She is the first to be defeated by Pretty Cure which was Episode 35.

Shadow Lemon - She is Cure Lemon's dark counterpart. Dark Lemon is a sneaky girl who loves playing tricks on the other members of Shadow Pretty Cure, except Wish, since she doesn't want to see her angry side. She can be a bit of a crybaby and hates doing anything that is fun to the Pretty Cures.

Shadow Harmony - She is Cure Harmony's dark counterpart. She is the kindest of the group and actually starts going easy on the girls in episode 28. She gets yelled at by the others and tries to settle things down between Desire, Flare and Wave, but ends up being beaten up. Harmony join the Pretty Cures in episode 50 to defeat Shade and the other girls and disappears soon after like Dark Dream had.  

Shadow Wave - She is Cure Wave's dark counterpart. She is mostly seen hanging around Shadow Rose so she can come up with tactics in hurting Desire and Flare. She once got down on her knees and begged Pretty Cure to defeat Desire and Flare but they only defeated Flare since Desire was too quick. She is very smart and is usually seen coming up with tactics to defeat Pretty Cure.

Shadow Rose - She is Violet Rose's dark counterpart.


Shadow Wish

  • Shadow Mare

Shadow Desire

  • Shadow Clock

Shadow Flare

  • Shadow Down

Shadow Lemon

  • Shadow Thunder

Shadow Harmony

  • Shadow Shoot

Shadow Wave

  • Shadow Target

Shadow Rose

  • Shadow Hail

Shadow Pretty Cure Group Attack

  • Shadow Twister Fire!


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