Honto ni!? Saigo no kyua?! Yatta!
Shine★Pretty Cure! episode 4
"Really!? The last Cure?! Yay!"
Episode Guide
Opening Lucky Go Go! Shine★Pretty Cure!
Ending Ai no Mirai
Directed by MitsuMitsu-chan
Written by MitsuMitsu-chan
"I don't believe you"
―Miho when Yuuka told her to join Precure, {{{3}}}

Really!? The last Cure?! Yay! (本当に!?最後のキュア?!やった! Honto ni!? Saigo no kyua?! Yatta!?) is the fourth episode of Shine★Pretty Cure!.


One day, when Rei and Aika were eating lunch at the cafeteria, Yuuka came and said she knew the person to be the last cure. Then Yuuka mentioned Miho's name. Aika asked why Miho, but Yuuka didn't answer. After school, Yuuka dragged Rei and Aika to Miho's house. Aika tried to tell Yuuka that she won't know where it is unless she tell her, but Yuuka didn't let her talk. After walking for a while, they realized they were lost. Then Aika explained. Rei blamed Yuuka. Aika then lead the way. Once they reached her house, Yuuka begged Miho to join them. But Miho thought she was telling lies. Then Club came and summoned a Usotsuki. The girls transformed. Then Miho decided to help. She transformed with Cherry, whom she knew when she was in Grade 6. Then she purified the Usotsuki.



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