Taiyou no pokapoka, Kyua Kuroba!?
Shine★Pretty Cure! episode 03
"The Sun's warmth, Cure Clover!?"
Air date February 24, 2014
Episode Guide
Opening Lucky Go Go! Shine★Pretty Cure!
Ending Ai no Mirai
Directed by MitsuMitsu-chan
Written by MitsuMitsu-chan
"Really?! Even a person like me is chosen?!"
―Aika when she met Lemon, {{{3}}}
"The Sun's warmth, Cure Clover!?"  ( 太陽のぽかぽか、キュアクロバ!?   Taiyou no pokapoka, Kyua Kuroba!??) is the third episode of Shine★Pretty Cure! made by MitsuMitsu-chan. The third Cure is born in this episode.


It was a Saturday morning, Yuuka and Rei went to Aika's place for tea. The real plan for the both of them going there was to request Aika to become a Pretty Cure. Though their plan failed because of some minor problems, Chocola and Amai trying to stop them. Yuuka dragged Aika into the mini flower garden behind Aika's house, while Rei distracted Chocola and Amai.

Plan Failed, AGAIN

Yuuka was about to ask, when Lemon fell on her head. Then Rei, Chocola and Amai came, and Lemon shouted, "Big Brother!!!". Yuuka figured out she was calling Amai, because he's the only male.

Really?! Even a person like me is chosen?!

After they all settled down, Lemon decided to choose Aika as her partner. Chocola and Amai was left with no choice, so they gave up. At first, Aika was confused on what they were saying. But then, she understood the whole situation. She thought it might be fun. But Rei explained it was a serious matter, but Aika still wanted to do it.

'Fun' Time?!

After all that discussing, a woman appeared in the garden. At first the Cures thought it might be Aika's mother's friend, but the fairy trio could sense something wrong. The woman revealed herself as Club, a member of the Lie Team. Yuuka and Rei transformed, and Aika followed their actions. The fight was short and simple, and Cure Clover purified the Usotsuki quickly.


Mitsuta Yuuka/Cure Light

Himeno Rei/Cure Queen

Himawari Aika/Cure Clover




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