Rei wa dai ni kyua?! Uso!
Shine★Pretty Cure! episode 02
"Rei's the second Cure?! No way!"
Air date February 16, 2014
Episode Guide
Opening Lucky Go Go! Shine★Pretty Cure!
Ending Ai no Mirai
Directed by MitsuMitsu-chan
Written by MitsuMitsu-chan
"You've been acting weird recently. Is something wrong?"
―Rei when Yuuka was acting suspicious, {{{3}}}
Rei's the second Cure?! No way!  ( 麗わ第二キュア?!嘘!  Rei ga dai ni kyua?! Uso!?) is the second episode of Shine★Pretty Cure! made by MitsuMitsu-chan. Rei becomes the second Cure in this episode. 


Yuuka and Rei were walking to school together. Yuuka wanted to tell Rei about Pretty Cure, but she remembered it was a secret. Rei saw that Yuuka looked troubled, and asked what happened. Yuuka said it was nothing. Rei started to grow suspicious, and followed her home after school.

Secret revealed

Rei saw that Yuuka didn't go home, but instead hung around, talking to a stuffed animal. Rei was confused, but she decided to continue hiding. Benjamin suddenly appeared, and Rei saw Yuuka transform. When she saw Yuuka was having trouble, she came out of her hiding place. "Rei? What are you doing here?" Yuuka said. Then, another stuffed animal appeared, name Amai. Amai turned into a commune and told Rei to transform. She transformed into Cure Queen and finished off with Pretty Cure Queen Freeze.


Mitsuta Yuuka/Cure Light

Himeno Rei/Cure Queen



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