Kiseki ga ima hajimaru! Purikyua ga umarete iru!
Shine★Pretty Cure! episode 01
"The miracle begins now! Pretty Cure is born!"
Air date February 8, 2014
Episode Guide
Opening Lucky Go Go! Shine★Pretty Cure!
Ending Ai no Mirai
Directed by MitsuMitsu-chan
Written by MitsuMitsu-chan
"No way! I'm the chosen one?! But why me?!"
―Cure Light when she first transformed, {{{3}}}
The miracle begins now! Pretty Cure is born!  ( 奇跡が今始まる!プリキュアが生まれている!  Kiseki ga ima hajimaru! Purikyua ga umarete iru!?) is the first episode of Shine★Pretty Cure!. It is made by MitsuMitsu-chan. The first Cure, Cure Light is born in this episode. 


Mitsuta Yuuka is late, on her way to her school, Hoshiakari Middle School. It was normal, like all other school days, until after school, a Shiny Commune fell on her head. It turned into a stuffed animal, named Chocola. After introducing, a young boy appeared on the lamp post. He revealed himself as Benjamin, prince of the Lie Kingdom. Chocola transformed back into a commune, and told Yuuka to set the Cure Jewel and shout out, "Pretty Cure Shine Touch!". At first, Yuuka didn't know what was going on, but she did as Chocola told her to.

When fighting

Cure Light was shocked. After she transformed, Benjamin called out the monster, Usotsuki. Cure Light was scared, and she started running away. Chocola told her not to run, but fight. Instead of stopping, she replied, "How would you like it if you were the one here right now?!". She stopped eventually, and she started fighting. Half way, she suddenly jumped into the air, and fell into the ground.

She fought for a while, and finally finished the Usotsuki off with Pretty Cure Light Shower. She then decided to help Chocola restore Candy Land and revive her mother, Queen Bright.

When she got home, her mother asked her why she came home so late. To keep it a secret, Yuuka lied that she helped a lost little girl get home.


Mitsuta Yuuka/Cure Light


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