'Senshi no Comeback!! Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure 'Prism Light! (戦士のカムバック!!レインボーハートプリキュアプリズムライト! Senshi no Kamubakku!!Reinbo Haato Purikyuaa Purizumu Raito, translated as Warrior's Comeback!! Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure!) is the opening song of Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure Prism Light. The song is written by Curewolfy11, and is sung by Kudou Mayu.


A silhouette of Cure Flame and Cure Lightning appear. Then Cure Nature and Cure Ocean. Then Cure Mist and Cure Tune. After that Cure Romance and Black Prism strike a pose. Then Aida shows up, transforms to Cure Love, and winks while raising her right hand.

The scene cuts to the girls in their school uniforms holding their transformation items. A rainbow light flashed and Cure Love appears. Then she strikes a pose with the other cures, and the logo appears.

Aida is seen running quickly with Aimi to school, with Yugure following behind them. They run pass Izumi and Hinata, who later follows them. Pikako is also running to school cheerfully, then waves to Hanako and her sister who are going to their school. Symphonique is walking to school while looking at a rainbow in the sky, then she started daydreaming. This was stopped by Kasuko, who is on her way to school.

A Yamikuri appeared and started rampaging. The cures and Black Prism attacked it at the same time, then high fived each other while smiling.

They all used their purification attacks one by one (in order: Flame, Lightning, Nature, Ocean, Mist, Tune, Romance, Black Prism, and then Cure Love)

The dark sky cleared and showed a rainbow. The girls detransform and looked at it. They smiled at each other, then jumped together. The opening then ends.


coming soon....


TV Size Ver.

Kanji/Katakana lyrics coming soon...

Japanese Romaji English

1 (1!), 2 (2!) , 3 (3!), 4! (4!)

Are You Ready?

1 (1!), 2 (2!) , 3 (3!), 4! (4!)

Are You Ready?

Kyou wa Senshi no COMEBACK!!
 (Let's go!)

Aratana STORY hajime! (Don't Stop!)

Makenai! Densetsu no! RAINBOW HEART! Purikyuaa , YEAH! (Prism~Light~)

Let's go! Let's Fly!

Today is the warriors' comeback!!
(Let's go!)

Let's start  a new story! (Don't stop!)

We won;t lose!! The legendary! Rainbow Heart! Pretty Cure, YEAH! (Prism~Light~)

Let's go! Let's fly!


Kimi no kokoro w'a tsuyoi, ne?

Ai to omoi manten

Niji no mahou wa nazo de ippai

Saa, isshoni, sagasu yo!

Hey! I know

Your heart is strong, right?

It is full of love and feelings

The magic of the rainbow is full of mysteries

Come, together, let's look for them!

Onnanoko no chikara wa

Egao, to taisetsuna yuujou no hikari~

(Shine! Prism! Light!)

A girl's power is

A smile, and precious light of friendshop~

(Shine! Prism! Light!)


Kokoro wa hitotsu Chikara wa awasete

Hikari wa kagayake

Kuroi na yoru Hoshizora o mite

Kimi no egao kirakira~

Come on everybody!

Our hearts as one Our powers together

The light radiates

In a dark night I saw the starry sky

Your smile twinkles

Kyou wa Senshi no COMEBACK!!

Aratana STORY hajime! (Prism!)

Makenai! Densetsu no! RAINBOW HEART! Purikyuaa , YEAH! (Prism~Light~)

Today is the warriors' comeback!!

Let's start  a new story! (Prims!)

We won't lose!! The legendary! Rainbow Heart! Pretty Cure, YEAH! (Prism~Light~)

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