Sekai Pretty Cure! (translates to World Pretty Cure!) is a series by Cure Believe which is similar to Listen! Pretty Cure, but instead with a reborn Mirage Cure. Unlike other Pretty Cure series, this will last for 30 episodes.



Confirmed Characters


Aihara Sakura / Cure Garden
Voiced by: Nagano Ai
Sakura is a 14 year old who likes to sleep in late and is usually fussed at. Her family owns a garden that Sakura cares for and wishes to become a gardener when she grows up. Sakura wants to be like Hansha; she wants to be someone who is elegant and fancy.

Narufuru Katatoki / Cure Ocean
Voiced by: Oki Kanae

Aosamui Hikami / Cure Glacier
Voiced by: Orikasa Fumiko

Moetsurai Ondo / Cure Oasis
Voiced by: Honna Youko

Kofukuno Oto / World Shining
Voiced by: Enomoto Atsuko
Oto is a 12 year old who starts out shy. Thanks to the others, she receives the ability to become an ally, even though she doesn't truly become a Cure. She later forms a relationship with Hansha, but this begins to bug everyone.

Hikaru Hansha / Cure Sunshine Mirage
Voiced by: Kuwashima Houko
Hansha is a 14 year old who appears in her Cure ego before revealing herself. She appears around episode 5, helping Garden and Ocean, but when all of the Cures were in trouble, Hansha stepped out of the shadows and claimed to have been helping them. She is actually a very sweet and elegant girl and sometimes like to be fancy.





Episode Plans

1. Sakura's First Transformation! Cure Garden is Born!
2. What Do You Mean? There's More Pretty Cure?
3. Katatoki's Splashing Debut! Cure Ocean is Born!
4. Welcome to the Aihara Family Garden!
5. No Way?! A Mysterious Cure Appears?!
6. Shivering Entrance! Cure Glacier is Born!
7. TBA
8. With a Hint of Water, Cure Oasis is Born!
9. Could That Girl Be the Mysterious Cure?
10. Protecting the World! World Shining is Born!
11. The Last Cure Will Join Soon, I Just Know It!
12. TBA
13. TBA
14. The Mysterious Cure is Revealed! Sekai Pretty Cure is Complete!
15. Winter Wonderland~ Hikami's Snowy Day~
16. The Halloween Mystery of the Abandoned Hotel
17. TBA
18. TBA
19. Upgrade Unlocked! Global Pretty Cure are Born!
20. TBA
21. TBA
22. The Summer Starts Here! Katatoki and Hansha's Beach Adventure!
23. TBA
24. TBA
25. TBA
26. Cures vs Villains! On the Way to the Final Battle!
27. TBA
28. TBA
29. Four Cures Stand! To Save the Lives of the Others, We Will Fight!
30. The End of Sekai Pretty Cure...We Will Live On~!

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