Seisuki Yua
Yua Profile
Seisuki Yua
Personal Information
Hair Colorbrown (Yua)

blonde (Cure Sweetheart)

Eye ColorScarlet (Yua)

Pink (Cure Sweetheart)

Alter EgoCure Sweetheart
Theme Colorpink
Anime Information
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Chiaroscuro
First AppearanceFwPCC01

Seisuki Yua (正好きゆあ Seisuki Yua) is one of the main Cures from Futari wa Pretty Cure Chiaroscuro. Yua is a very energetic girl but also a bit clumsy. She is a cheerful girl and is also very helpful. Yua dislikes studying and sports. Despite her bright personality, Yua has a very short temper and is easily hurt and angered. Her Pretty Cure partner is Mikami Tsukiko. Her alter ego is Cure Sweetheart (キュアスイートハート Kyua Suītohāto) and her theme color is pink.



Yua has shoulder long, brown hair which she has tied into winding twintails. Her eyes are scarlet. She wears a white Silk Border Hairband. Her civil outfit consists of a pink colored knot cardigan and a white shirt. She wears are dark blue simple dealer skirt and pink boots.

As Cure Sweetheart, her hair grows longer and changes to the same style as Cure Peach's. Her hair are worn up into two pigtails, held up by two heart-shaped scrunchies. She wears a pink choker and a white dress with poofy short sleeves. She wears a pink ribbon belt. Over her white skirt is a light pink layer. Her shoes are the same as Cure Peach's.



Mikami Tsukiko -

Cure Sweetheart



Seisuki (正好き) - Sei (正 actually Masa) means "true" and Suki (好き) means "Love". Combinated with Masa, her name means True Love. If the word Masa gets combinated with Suki, it changes to Sei. Seisuki means "Positive love". In both ways, it is a reference to her alter ego as Cure Sweetheart.

Yua (ゆあ) - Yua means "Binding love". From Japanese Yu (結) "tie, bind" and A (愛) "love, affection".

Her complite name means "Your positive love".

Her name is a reference to the fact, that she is based on Momozono Love.





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