Seiji Miho
精治 美保
Seiji Miho
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Purple
Lilac (Cure Spade)
Eye ColorDark Purple
Lavender (Cure Spade)
Home PlaceLucky Town
Alter EgoCure Spade
Theme ColorPurple
Anime Information
SeasonShine★Pretty Cure!

Seiji Miho(精治 美保 Seiji Miho) is the fourth main character of Shine★Pretty Cure!. She excels at cooking and loves studying. She also likes nature. Her Cure form is Cure Spade(キュアスペど Kyua Supedo).


Miho has dark purple, short hair. In her civilian form, she wears a striped shirt, dark purple jacket and black long pants.

In Cure form, her outfit is the same as Cure Light, Cure Queen and Cure Clover. But it is purple.


Miho is a smart, excellent cooker and open person. She loves nature, and likes to visit Nanairo Park.



Seiji (精治) - Sei (精) means "spirit" and Ji (治) means "heal".

Miho (美保) - Mi (美) means "beauty" and Ho (保) means "protection".

Cure Spade

"The sparkling beauty of happiness, Cure Spade!"
Shiawase no kirameki utsukushi, Kyua Supedo!

Cure Spade is Miho's Cure form. Cure Spade is more serious than Miho.


Pretty Cure Spade Sparkle - Cure Spade's original attack.

Pretty Cure Spade Explosion - A power up.

Pretty Cure Miracle Reflection - The group attack.


Shiny Commune - A device for Miho to transform into Cure Spade.

Spade Rod - Cure Spade's weapon.


Mitsuta Yuuka - They bicker as well, much not as much as Yuuka and Rei does. Despite that, they are good friends and help each other whenever they can.

Himawari Aika - They are childhood friends, and Miho is often helping Aika.


• She has similarities with Mishou Mai and Kenzaki Makoto.

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